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  1. haha i even forgot about that..but its alright, schools so stressful for me too nowdays! just finished finals but then again theres soo much hw and stuff....but yeah how are things with u going?

  2. oh really??? thats awesome!!!! so she's half pakistani half brazilian? nice mix lol! yeah i was pretty sad too cuz around the angels across america tour they were suppose to come to chicago and they didnt =( i was so young at that time and i felt soo bad lol! but yeah, hopefully we'll both meet her one day!!!!! =))

  3. haha yeah ur nationality. =)

  4. haha yes i remember u! where are u from?

  5. Im from Pakistan, how about you? btw im soooo upset cause I wanted to see Adriana today! =((((

  6. aww is that ur puppy Angie??

  7. Im good hun, how are you?

  8. heheh ur welQome! =p

  9. aww thanks thats very sweet of u! <3

  10. I Loveeeee ur set!!! its gorgeous!

  11. thanks Angie! =))

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