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  1. alanthedrivein


    Haha, well if it means anything to you, you were the last team I wanted to draw. The bandwagon supporters have ruined the bridge aswell, about 20 thousand real fans and then a bunch of guys in suits sat down drinking mineral water. Shameful.
  2. I hungry quite a lot yes. Do you eat meat?
  3. You are talking about Lauren Pope right?
  4. Was shocked to see neither of them had a mention, two of the most incredible writers in modern history. Hunter S Thompson is god In my eyes, and Irvine Welsh is the master of Modern Novels. Any fans?
  5. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas-Hunter S Thompson The Rum Diary-Hunter S Thompson The Great Shark Hunt, Songs of The Doomed, Generation of Swine, Kingdom of Fear, Hey Rube and Better Than Sex by Hunter S Thompson The Curse Of Lono by Hunter S Thompson Hells Angels by Hunter S Thompson The Naked and the Dead by Norman Mailer The Albany Cycles by William J Kennedy Trainspotting, Porno, Filth, Glue and the Acid House by Irvine Welsh. I am aghast that none of those have been mentioned.
  6. No, never really, my girlfriend doesn't really have anything better to do than me. Are you bitter?
  7. alanthedrivein

    I Am...

    In work, obviously very busy.
  8. alanthedrivein


    Yes, but in my defense, I've been a supporter since 1992, I've been through 13 years of barely winning a thing. It's nice for us old time fans to have seen the team through to a time when we are in this position.
  9. I excreted Bon Jovi heads once, but never a child. Good times. have you ever ridden a farm animals bar a horse.
  10. True, twice a while ago though, always loved going to the US for hols and the West Coast is far better than the East. the next person likes the British accent.
  11. alanthedrivein


    Ban as many Valencia players for as long as it means they can't play against us. and by us I mean Chelsea, boo now.
  12. Awesome film, funny and at one point I thought this is slowing down, and then realised it hadn't even sped up yet.
  13. Ronin and The Transporter were both great. The older films have something about them but there are certain things you just couldn't do then. They get kudos from Nostalgia, I only like car chase for asthetics.
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