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  1. I have talked with her she's so cute and kind for that reason I started a fan account of her and various royals !!! For that I asked for more jobs of her !!! Thanks for your help 😘https://instagram.com/amelieroyale?igshid=h4uxlo72pjnd
  2. Yeah !!! I've visited your thread many times!! I just wanted to know if she has done new works !!! Merci 🙏
  3. Omayma


    Someone could ID this model ??? 💕 Thanks so much 🙏
  4. Hi everyone! There is a lovely girl to ID, could someone please tell me what's her name!? Here's in AVON ESPAÑA Catalog
  5. Thanks so much I Will find online!
  6. Someone Knows the name of this model? 😘
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