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    beatiful women. I have what i call, an obscenely high standard for beauty in women.
  1. Happy Birthday!!! Have a good one :)

  2. {name}

    Rachel Smith

    thanks for those pics, funny to see beasley with the miss usa thing around him. heres a video recounting the game, she shows up in it a little bit around the middle, watching the game (rooting for the U.S. to beat Mexico of course ) oh yeah, and does anyone else think that benny feilhaber (the very first guy in the video) looks like brad pitts little brother?? is that just me? Anyways, im a huge U.S. soccer national team fan, and i love anything that shows us celebrating a win in the rivalry between the U.S. and Mexico. shes real pretty, and shes a U.S. soccer fan so that ranks her high in my book.
  3. {name}

    Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2007 (POST-SHOW THREAD)

    The (real) HD realease is out. Beware: 1gig filesize and its a torrent. 720 quality enough to last me till the 1080 takes a 6gb chunk out of my HDD, worth it tho. shows like this one are the reason HDTV was created, amirite? http://thepiratebay.org/tor/3921726/The.Vi...p.HDTV.x264-CTU
  4. {name}

    Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2007 (POST-SHOW THREAD)

    im only halfway through watching it, and my goodness i cant contain myself or else im gonna burst, couple things: does anyone think the editing is really amateur? 100% guarantee the same person or team is not doing the cuts, because it looks like i put it together, thats how badly it doesnt flow. Either that, or they cant fit all the things they did into those 42 minutes. im only halfway through the show and damn, they look like theyre trying to get through too much(model bios, 'pink idol' in x10 speed). the result is some runway walks being cut in half, starting at the middle of the runway, making it look ghetto and not a real runway catwalk. ( At first i was thinking -- IS THE RUNWAY CUT IN HALF??? WHY ARE THE WALKS SO SHORT!!) flavias face and thinness makes her look like an alien with the eye makeup, why put so much focus on her, shes average hotness out of this crop, especially when she closed the pink segment, that was really a bad sequence for me. those things on her legs were anti-hot. miranda kerr is amazing nuff said, its true. andi muise is HOTTTTT!!! but when she blew that kiss without changing facial expression i was like: is that a half blown kiss? not even a pout of the lips or a facial expression combined with that blown kiss, you fale'd at that blown kiss, so stick to what has worked these last years, closed mouth smile = best ever on andi. that cowgirl is the best new addition, (and keep in mind im only currently half way thru the show) but i know forsure that nothing new can top that girl. That was perfection, from the perfectly FIT body (legs toned like a motha) to the stage presence she brought, it exuded sexyness and resulted in me wanting to jump through my screen and mount her like a lion. if trentini couldnt be here, then this is the next best thing, if not better. i think another invite is extended next year. YOU COULD STILL SEE part of jessica stams stumble, i just thought that was funny, expecially after that hideous pose she made before walking, talk about a close call with serios embarassment, i rofl'd thinking abt it. that 'pink idol' winner girl was an epic failure There simply no other way to put it, from the average walk to the expressionless face, to the failed attempt to make a wink, which was actually BOTH eyes closing (haha, winking 101 betch) she not only brought my boner down, her pink thing also took up like 2 or 3 minutes of the show that couldbe been used better (like longer model walks), DAMN YOU PINK GIRL.!!! DAMN YOU !!! the runway-side, sliding camera is whack seriously, its videography 101 that to create a powerful effect that both object in film and camera should not be travelling at same speed, it makes it look like nobody is moving, or moving slowly. this camera angle ruined Ale's first walk for me, she looked short for some reason. remeber the 2005 show? Ale's first walk, the camera was stationary, even moving backwards when ale walked by, making it look like she went blazing fast by, that just pours out sexiness when you get that fast, powerful walk past you. The whole at same rate thing isnt as good couple girls that have wowed so far: Heidi (not her walks, but her presentation as a host, great stuff, she looks hot again) morgane dubled, seriosly.... when is she not super hot decked out in victorias secret wear? ONLY girls to NEVER disappoint in VSFS girl with flower pedal wings - oh my god the whole thing was great, shes another great addition to this year. rosie - nothing great, but way better than last year. miranda - mentioned twice for effect. update: thankfully Alessandra's walks+outfits have progressively gotten better, and by the third one all peace was restored to this world. Victoria Beckham = too much plastic surgery or too much makeup? she looks like the female version of michael jackson. her face looked like a robots. The other spice girls look like women, not that hot, but still they are women, not robot-like. adriana still doing the huge (alligator) smile from start to finish - its okay n stuff, but i think theres many a guy out there wishing she would go back to 2003 status, because thats when she became a legend in my mind. selita not so bad after all - like everyone else i wasnt a huge selita fan, but this year i think she was really good, save that one part where she gets a million dollar bra -- what does she do???? COVERS IT UP!!! _nice_. other than that the second half was better than the first half. oh yeah, marissa cant walk. that second time it looked like she had size E bewbs. damn, i wanted another 2003, and then they give me this.
  5. {name}

    wazap peoples

    Hey everyone, im new here, and im just now looking thru these boards, kicking myself for not finding this place sooner. Anyways, i just thought id introduce myself and i hope to be somewhat frequent on these boards. a lil about me.. everything i know about the whole model scene is either from the victorias secret fashion shows, ryoni.com, or the sports illustrated swimsuit edition haha...im not really too into the fashion scene (not really fond of those no-makeup shows too much, stuff like that) i mostly just am really into the women. wow are they gorgeous. neways.. hope to be around. kthxbai. ~.~;