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  1. Gemma Ward

    she's on the cover of Spain Marie Claire!
  2. Gemma Ward

    i really don't get it where is gemma? and what is really she doing right now? does she quit from modeling? there is some kind of editorial at V about IMG model which preview some of it big models, and surprise surprise there is no gemma.huh I WANT HER BACK!!!!
  3. Gemma Ward

    i'm very curious about what is she doing right now, (meaning) where is she? i miss her sovery much!
  4. Gemma Ward

    gee carmelita! thanksallllot for the fashionrocks eds!!! (i never heard that magazine before) meisel always, I said ALWAYS do amazing photographs!
  5. Gemma Ward

    gemma i you.. im having a problem with my life, and everytime i think about you, it makes me realize how stupid i am to get stuck in mylife when there are other things that more important and useful and beautiful to be think of. i wish oneday i could meet her
  6. Sasha Pivovarova

    last night i had a dream, that i drew a portrait of her while she was sitting on a couch i hope it will become reality someday.. it was so wonderful
  7. Gemma Ward

    what eds ? please i'm dying to see that !! I mean its gemma and lara ! what a wonderful and odd combination !!!
  8. Gemma Ward

    Italian Vogue photographed by Steven Maisel
  9. Gemma Ward

    why? she nowhere gone she is too busy doing movies to do many campaigns. She use to do tons, now she rarely does any WHAT CAMPAIGNS?!
  10. Gemma Ward

    does anyone know what exactly is she doing right now ? so hard to find any information about her.
  11. Gemma Ward

    where is she right now ? does she still on the shooting for that movie ? i'm very miss her editorial. please gemma does everyone miss her editorial to ??
  12. Lara Stone

    damn, this girl is gorgeous. ilove every facial expression she made on the pics.
  13. Sasha Pivovarova

    i think you forgot to add gemma on the list
  14. Jessica Stam

    is that true ? which season ? fall 07 ??? no, she's so then replacing gemma...
  15. Masha Tyelna

    NO !!! I can tell that she is special. Her speciality that makes her i don't know, ugly? but it is a special ugly. This girl is so complicated yet simple .LOVE IT !