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  1. i think v.s. model are just overrated and now seen them in a logo is just too much with them. i think we need to put some new fresh faces model to stand out. maybe like irina sheik.
  2. WTF I got adriana lima :x :x :x :x :x You are wild,crazy,exotic, and love to wear as little as possible!
  3. alina has a prettier face so i vote for her
  4. I think it would be better instead gabriel as her couple it would of been josie maran. i think doutzie makes a better couple with her and i think they would of made a better looking child. cuz the kid is not cute. too bad they would never make a commercial of lesbian couple they so discriminated people like me. pissed me off, u know lesbian couple do exist also not just straight couple.
  5. no and no. what about hilary rhoda amd fernanda prada?
  6. well i won't then by the way the only person from my list that you would agree with me is probably hilary rhoda.
  7. i'm not bashing them i just said she was ugly, i didn't said she was a whore or a bitch, etc. that's what i call bashing. but saying someone is ugly is not bashing is just my opinion
  8. the majority of models are butt ugly (fugly) is rare to see a pretty model. do you want a list of the model i considered pretty??
  9. doutzy deserve to be the new angel she needs to replace ugly ass adriana or old heidie. is time for them to leave and let doutzy take her place as an angel, and make another model as an angel mmmm maybe rosie not sure.
  10. amazing news. doutzen please the sign it, this is your chance to be more famous, and make more money. and plus that you would be the prettiest angel ever girl u deserve it , i would love you more if you do sign it please do it. i'm so sorry for what i did to you.
  11. she looks pretty in pink. and at the blumarine she looks the prettiest of all.
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