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  1. Anyone know her? Thanks!
  2. Yes, that's her! Thanks (again) fletch! 😀
  3. I did the usual searches and came up empty. Anyone know her name? Thanks!
  4. Thanks again, Fletch. Wow, she's really gorgeous, too!
  5. Just recently starting seeing her at Frederick's of Hollywood. Anyone know her name? Thanks in advance!
  6. Yes, it looks a lot like her. Thanks, fletch!
  7. Does anyone know her name? Thanks in advance! 🙂
  8. Yep, I think that's her! Thanks once again 😉
  9. I've seen this brunette beauty in various ads on Groupon, Amazon, etc. Does anyone know her? Thanks in advance!
  10. Yes, I think you're correct. I had posted her previously with wavy, longer hair. So I guess this current hairstyle threw me off! Many thanks! 😀
  11. I believe she's new to Frederick's. I did a search and couldn't find her. Anyone know? Thanks in advance!
  12. RichD777

    ROMWE model ID

    I've been trying to find her also. She's drop-dead gorgeous, imho. More pics of her from Shein:
  13. After looking at her Instagram, I think you're right. Thanks (once again)! 😁
  14. I've been seeing her in recent email blasts and on the main Frederick's website. My searches came up blank. Any help please? Thanks in advance!
  15. Thank you so much, kimflorida!
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