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  1. At first I came across the picture below and I didn;t know post it or not because it looks so oldchool and I thought it was a photomontage. source: https://www.amyklayton.com/lily-aldridge-for-lmc/
  2. I'm sure that almost everybody she has worked with noticed what's going on. Her stylists, photographer etc. She'd feel sick in the mornings,need bigger size, refuse a glass of wine.
  3. Thanks @ceceshores ! Love this romantic dress, but Lily doeasn't seem to be happy.
  4. Thank ou @ceceshores It looks like she's pregnant. Is it typcal ballet outfits? A basque?
  5. Thanks a lot @MissPadilla source: https://www.eonline.com/photos/6/the-big-picture-today-s-hot-photos/864528 source: instagram
  6. source: @wendyrowe insta outtakes?
  7. Guys do you know who she is? She looks so wonderful. She has taken part in ralph lauren pre fall collection. I'd appreciate if you let me know.
  8. Thanks @ceceshores source:https://www.ralphlauren.eu
  9. Thanks @Sunshiine The house looks wonderful. But I would feel distracted and messy If I lived this way.
  10. source: https://www.instagram.com/archdigest/ 1841401564529327579_239180867.mp4 1841401886299519036_239180867.mp4
  11. 1841400980925526058_239180867.mp4 1841401343682378032_239180867.mp4
  12. source: https://people.com/home/lily-aldridge-nashville-home-caleb-followill/ And here you can read and see how she lives. It looks really impresive. https://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/lily-aldridge-takes-ad-inside-her-bohemian-1930s-tudor-revival?mbid=social_instagram_lilyaldridge
  13. And some making of from @homasafar insta story 1840888279018655149_55951040.mp4 1840885707155270113_55951040.mp4 1841009741851382620_55951040.mp4
  14. From all faces of the village girl I like this one with chicken , pie ( I have impression that she is really bad girl and she's gonna throw a pie towards me) and romantic one. . But hard working women and kissing Elvis are very good. Hugging a tree is the worst and the most boring. jimmy choo campaigne cd source: http://www.buro247.me/fashion/footwear/jimmy-choo-taps-rosie-huntington-whiteley-joan-sma.html
  15. Real redneck! Interview below https://www.instyle.com/celebrity/lily-aldridge-fashion-feature?utm_source=instagram.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=instyle_instyle&utm_term=curalate_like2buy&crl8_id=dc380fa8-5508-4e5a-bed2-a54ce5559fe8 “I love modeling,” she continues. “But I want to keep evolving. I would love to create my own beauty or fashion line one day.
  16. A little bit like Gal gadot, not much. Is it selfie? It makes face a little bit longer than it really is so this is mayby a reason why she looks different.
  17. Sorry to @ceceshores , but we uploaded new photos almost at the same time. Orange make up make her look fresher. She also prefers wearing black, red &white clothes but she definitely should try some juicy colours.
  18. Lily's been shooting today. Not sure but it can be for NARCISSE Magazine, because Azadeh Zoraghi has sth to do with it, but time will tell. Some bts: source: insta
  19. I'd love to see some new Vogue photoshoot of her. New bts.
  20. it definitely looks like maternity clothes
  21. Sure I want to see her opening vs show but I'm also disappointed with her walk. In bulgari video she is wearing massive heels. I'm woman and I know that it's difficult to walk like that, but this is part of her job. But nobody is perfect. She was captured at kol concert. Here you can have some shots: :
  22. source: https://celebmafia.com/lily-aldridge-photoshoot-in-greece-08-02-2018-1534848/
  23. She was wearing that swimsuit while she was making insta story from Greece and tagged on this picture coworkers who were with her then - Wendy Rowe And Liz Collins . But you are right. It's not evidence. Liz Collins took photos also for Lauren campaigne. Sorry. I was wrong. bulgari campaigne cd https://www.love2beauty.ru/images/stories/news/lily-aldridge-presented-collection-divas-s-dream-from-bvlgari.mp4 source:https://www.love2beauty.ru/woman/style/articles/lily-aldridge-presented-collection-divas-s-dream-from-bvlgari
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