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  1. So they just randomly post her on their modeling acount? just because..? I guess they arent much reliable too. I am going to ask Victoria's secret general discussion section because they probably know more than CAA social media team or CAA agents
  2. CAA is credit as her modeling agency in models.com. Their Instagram account has posted her work, one of their agent was credit for her work, in the site Adriana is listed there. I dont know why in this forum you dont understand that she is signed with them when everything is so obvious.
  3. She is Adriana Lima and can work it with an agency or without it. About CAA CAA is a modeling agency. They were building the fashion department for 2 years and official launch it this year. All the models left their other main modeling agency when the singed with CAA. In Adrianas model.com page you can see that she is singed with them in the model AND talent department.
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