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  2. Holy Shit i thought today is Monday and i followed the wrong schedule.... :chicken: DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT !!!

  3. HAHA yeah, its my trade mark. You still dont know who iam Mike ?! :shifty:

  4. How dare you to add Heather The Great as one of your human friends ?!! You'd better create a god list for me right now. :persuazn: . *eats fish*

  5. Arghh... 6 minutes late. But Merry Christmas, Destiny.

  6. Oh no. Not Catholic school girl you Ogre, hahaha... my religion is Catholic. R u a Christian school boy then ??? HAHAHA

  7. Oh, forgot to mention, Fashion Model Talk is super boring, i dont wanna mind myself commenting in there :evil laugh:

  8. should i go kill her then ?!! *holds up knife*

  9. well, my laptop sucks hairy ass. I'm thinking of rebooting it... other than that, i'm pretty busy recently... teeheehee... what's about you man ?

  10. And what's venezinha's comment supposed to mean ??? :persuazn:

  11. What's this ?! Another fan ?

  12. just take a look. :shifty:

  13. Something illegal in my profile ?!! :shifty:


  14. im ... not so fine. :P . NOW GET BACK !!!! :persuazn:

  15. Oh, and what the hell is the genius me doing in your friend list ?!! This is ambarassing. Remove it. You have 3 days.

  16. Is it just me or your getting less dirty ?? :ninja:

  17. How unfortunate !!! *cries* . KBIII and Anthony only masturbate :rofl:

  18. youd better get some Adam Senn masks :shifty:

  19. itz too lei too apologize.... itz too leiiii.....

  20. But YOU are lucky to me.... i love France more.... ^^;;;

  21. Mbinebri is drunk again *sighs and drags him home* , hahaha...

  22. and this time i'll charge you double, ophelia :persuazn:

  23. :rofl: I helped my sister moving. We'r moving :P

  24. OMG I hope he'll just stop at "making fun" of me!!! -_-. Hah !! And i guess your my # 1 enemy, Gisele is MINE !!!! Mwahahahaha....

  25. BAHAHAH.... the best part is to see that co-star bitch die in pain....mwahaha... MWAHAHHAHAAA

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