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  1. where is my o-cherry-a immortal eh?

  2. thanks for the congratz pinkie. your favorite bitch won't let you down

  3. thanks for your congratz in "de" thread, man

  4. thanks for the congratz in "de" thread, dude

  5. {name}


    How dare you to bash the traditional Scottish skirt for Brazilian pregnant ladies, Sam ?! :persuazn:
  6. {name}

    Lima or Kroes

    Surprise, surprise.... look who's winning ?!!
  7. I have precisely 8,233 pictures of Gisele, Andi, Karolina, my mom, me, bloo, mbinebri, aida, cockroaches.... and a lot more creatures altogether in 1 folder. So...yeah.
  8. That's pretty darn good news to giselefan.org fans. I wish you guys luck.
  9. I thought we're through with that long time ago. It's just a rumor.
  10. {name}


    Thanks Kate, aaadolls and Michelle. This is awesome. And how is that maroon outfit with boots not cute again, guys ?!!
  11. Actually it just turns into a "meet the person above" thread, solo , following the fashion going on right now in the general talk section.
  12. Thanks bee. I'm old now, sheeesh...

  13. Thanks vane. I got your money. *begs for more*

  14. Thanks!! Unfortunately i got none from my family. I'm afraid i'

    ll have to sell drugs. :whistle:

  15. Thanks Hime and uncle. Hey man, how's that walking cane working ?!! P/S: where's my money ?!
  16. Balls of fury. That movie kicks ass. 4.5/5 "The training will begin tomorrow. Only bring in your strength, your honor, and a check of $300".
  17. BAHAHHA. Thanks. Where's my money ?!

  18. I have a feeling Gisele is involved no ?!
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