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  1. Merry Christmas and hey... how do you know ?!!

  2. oh, and 5 stars for you like i gave Van :D

  3. Holly is still a member i guess. She registered long time ago. I don't have a probs with your Q, Mis.Q :rofl: I just love messing with you. Although it's kinda hard to read i must admit. And the mods and admins are having probs with your Q ?!! What do you mean ?!!

  4. His tiny neck is in my hands now...mwahahaha....

  5. Oh well, we have 23 days of holiday then :D

  6. *runs and laughs*

  7. hey ya tinkerbell !!! :ninja:

  8. Nice try, cloner.

  9. I just wanna say the same as cypress :rofl:

  10. Hey Chanelist, long time no see.

  11. *whacks you*, psh me ??!!! Grrr.... whats about catholic ?? *stares*

  12. My yahoo messenger froze, i cant reply... :(

  13. *jealous* go give everyone a striptease. make me proud. BAHAHAHAHAHAAA....

  14. 2 words. We ROX !!! :D :D

  15. you mean cock ?!! :shifty:

  16. And who says i'm still with him ?!!

  17. Heather. U ? Damn Mbinebri is gonna make fun of me again.................... -_-

  18. Right. I can still own and starve you. Hamster is a waste !!!

  19. Yay...first one to leave a comment. But i have nothing to say :ninja: ...

  20. Then be prepared !!! MWhahahaa... i love small little boy, theyr sooo cute...mwahahahaaa

  21. :rofl: your peanut and your brain are the same size !!! :rofl:

  22. Happy new year, sexy.

  23. WHERES MOI IZZIE :chicken:

  24. Too bad you failed. I'm still suffering over here. Morons have taken this place over.

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