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  1. Thank you, brothers and sisters. Now excuse me i'm busy printing millions of copies of that screen to accidentally drop them around San Jose's Police departments.
  3. Eww... this thread needs to die...
  4. Yeah... remember the time when i was still a girl ?
  5. Yess, It's her! Who else you think can poop on Chris Brown's head ?! Gee.
  6. Too bad for you, I heard she only has sex with llamas.
  7. Alessandra Ambrosio vs. Miranda Kerr Before you watch: OK so Alessandra was trying out a new Supermodelwhatever perfume when she "accidentally" sprayed it on both eyes of Miranda Kerr, and then gave Miranda an evil laugh. Miranda was, of course, falling down for the amount of alcohol burning in her eyes. Thinking that she's going to be blind, Miranda thought of an instant revenge. She reached out continuously, trying to bitch-slap Ale but very quickly, Ale took her down by locking all Miranda's movements (by hugging her, of course). The atmosphere was pretty intimidated and the other angels were yelling with fear: KK, Adri, Selita, Izabel altogether : "NOOOOOO!!!!!"... Ok i exaggerate it a little bit but something like that happened... WATCH!
  8. ^ From the bottom of my motherfucking heart, i literally had a stroke when Jimmy "i'm fucking.... BEN AFFLECK!!!" GAAH!!!! - Anyway, nice save, Jimmy, but you're still a jerk.
  9. "And the fight the whole country were talking about..." Rosie vs Elizabeth
  10. And anyone who watches Denise Richards-it's complicated must have known this Denise Richards vs Alicia the tabloids bitch. Denise: "do your fucking homework, you idiot! " Oooooh!!
  11. Matt Damon vs. Jimmy Kimmel "No, go fuck yourself, man!!!" - HA HA HA, IN YA FACE, Jimmy!!!
  12. Saw Hellboy and The Mummy yesterday. Hellboy : Was pretty good but seems like a mix up of Final Fantasy, Dragon Balls, Vampire Knight and some other anime stuffs... C+ The Mummy : OH EM GEE !!! F-
  13. [continue from prev one] ... with Maggie Q. 2 hottest Asian girls. OMG!!! : P

    --- i wanna make a .gif of her but it's not for the avatar.

    ---- btw, that idiot chicityboy posts again. Arabian theme + his illustrated picture - ROFL MY ASS OFF!!!

  14. She also did play boy but that was looong time ago, (like 15 years ago?). She said it's the only way for her (and everyone else in HK) to be famous. That was how she got public attention anyway. Now, she's pretty famous in America too. She starred in The Transporter with that bald guy Statham or something. And now, she's in NY filming for her upcomming movie "NY, I love you" wi

  15. Man, things happened when i were gone huh ?!! Nothing really, just some .gifs of my new fav Asian actress/model - Shu Qi. :fan:

  16. So you paid the guy kinky sex ?!! : |

    Poop!!! I need to make some .gifs. I'll find another free one. Teehee...

  18. hey what software/program did you use to make .gifs dude ?! and is it free ?

  19. And i'll take it you prefer some shit like Gigli of J.Lo or Crossroads of Britney Spears. Way to go, girly. I don't like Hancock but it's def better than The Happening.
  20. A transvestic Gisele, maybe? Otherwise i'll just take Jet Li.
  21. Nice try, cloner.

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