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  1. SNEAKER !!!! :shifty:

  2. Errr... OK HAVE FUN !!!!

  3. Hehehehe... thank you. :shifty:

  4. Shes not hotter than me doesnt mean shes ugly ;) .... :rofl:

  5. *pinches Angie* - here, lemme give you some massage...

  6. Errr... Miss. King Kong ??!!!

  7. your username would be fine. As long as it is blood. :kill:

  8. HAHA im kidding. "cause my avatar is Paris so ive been messing around with lots of ppl :P

  9. too late dude.

  10. Yeah, i'm so happy i got your 5 cents text message and <1 cent comment. :mellow:

  11. thanks for the congratz in "de" thread, dude

  12. Its cold in the winter. But not as cold though. No gloves needed :D

  13. Give me back my 25c :persuazn:

  14. you left me speechless again.... BAAHHAHA...

    Anyway, what the heck is that personal statement for ?!! Im curious :shifty:

  15. thanks for your congratz in "de" thread, man

  16. Yes ?! :shifty:

    And you missed my post at TFS, ask Gabi :persuazn:

  17. XD Yeah, i like her Bras too.

  18. thanks for the congratz pinkie. your favorite bitch won't let you down

  19. your abducted by an alien ?!!

  20. My mind..... my man is here too. HAHAHAHAAAAA.........

  21. where is my o-cherry-a immortal eh?

  22. HE"SSS ALIVEEE !!!!!

  23. Put your personal statement away, im fishing here... :shifty:

  24. They commented dirty things i'm afraid someone else will read it ROFL. Miss ya sarah :blush: Where have you been ?? :persuazn:

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