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  1. 5 stars for you. Thanks for all those Heather's and other celebrities' pics :)

  2. it all depends

  3. Haha, i know it was you to comment in my profile at TFS, Irene. Too bad i can't access your profile to comment back. Anyway, here's to it. YAY.

  4. No, and i wont. That's a promise from The Joker, uh huh.


    That came out wrong. :/

  5. Joker doesnt feel well today. You slaves'd better go make me happy !!! :mellow:

  6. Anyway look, your 4 star is back.

  7. OMG ARGH !!! ... *throws panties at Van* :rofl:

  8. You're dang ?!!

  9. Awww. Thank you, sexy. And merry christmas to you too.

  10. Be patient. Prepare for everything you want, i just shipped her, Paris is on her way...:winks:


  12. Merry Christmas Jens.

  13. Holy shit, i was just about to merry Christmas you but... i guess maybe later, dude. *tiptoes outa here*

  14. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: You know it looks more like an ancient egyptian lady :rofl: :rofl:

  15. HAHA thank you. There're too many retards that need to be wiped out and i'm free. :angel:

  16. Aye aye aye... *cries*

  17. Its cold in Brazil ?!! :D

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