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  1. I dare to hope that she has become more active and with her best body. Been in my top 5 since her Rookie SI Swimsuit appearance.
  2. Oh yes I probably could have made that clearer. I liked most of the RG dresses as well, but the framing, editing, and overall quality of presentation made it seem like RG was some cheap side street ecomm. This is miles better, and Emily is actually very pretty in these vs the RG shots. It's like someone else noted, RG managed to make her look pedestrian compared to what we know we can get from her just from IG.
  3. Great adds, @elfstone ... I can't be the only one to think these are huge step up in quality over Runway Goddess.
  4. Phenominal adds. Those aren't just massive photo's, they're exceptionally high quality in every department. Hair, make-up, outfit, editing ... Renée looks amazing. Instant wallpaper material.
  5. It's a photo of Emily that's of HQ we haven't seen on this board, posted without context or caption. There's plenty of them like it that would be welcome on this thread that you can find on Emily's school's official Facebook page. Like this one: https://www.facebook.com/StMichaelsCollegeMerrimac/photos/a.151333435046654/1702654836581165/?type=3 Setting aside your bizarre conspiracy theory that Emily's school would post a doctored photo as part of conspiracy theory to make Emily seem younger than she actually is... please, we've been warned to refrain from back and forth and hijacking the thread.
  6. 🤣 What even is this conversation?
  7. I was surprised to discover this morning that Emily is very much aware of and reads this thread. Setting aside how wise it was, I joked in a DM about the confusion surrounding her age and was not only surprised she saw my message and responded to it, but she did so in a very negative and visceral manner. I've apologized to her there and do so again here with disclaimer and a warning to those involved in this conversation. It is important to emphasize that the concerns being raised in this thread are directed towards the *adults* surrounding Emily and *NOT* Emily herself. Please do not make the mistake I did and take it out on her, directly or otherwise. That's the point of all this, after all. She is a child. Now if you excuse me, I'm going to extricate myself from Emily all together and stew in my own juices a bit.
  8. Setting aside the combativeness of your response and the appropriateness of you challenging others with the "that's your opinion and nobody cares" argument... You are confusing the concepts of minors sexualizing themselves and adults sexualizing minors. There is a fundamental difference that has massive consequence. We are not talking about a teen that's shaking her butt or posting scandalous photos of themselves. We are talking about adults. Her parents, her managers, the photographers, the company personnel responsible for editing and publishing photos. I'm really not feeling like going into the differences between this and Emily taking a selfie or personal photos in the same dress or other sexually charged outfits. It's the line between a girl expressing herself in the norm and the abuse of adults who should know better, and it's compounded by just how long this has been going on. Since she was 12! You're not wrong that I looked, but as someone who has seen the consequences of such abuse and witnessed the repetitive objectification of Emily for nearly four years now... yes, I'll be the first to admit I scrutinize Emily's content much more than other models. These Runway Goddess photo's are actually quite tame compared to what we've seen with Emily over the years. On their own and with any other model, underage or otherwise, I wouldn't bat an eye. I recently edited a photo of 17-year old Meika Wollarrd in an outfit that was significantly more sheer and revealing. Meika has no history of stuff like that and, while I was surprised to see it, wasn't concerned at all. Whoever her managers are, they're doing things right. The heart of the problem here is the whole pie and not the slice that this single set of photos represent. She has been sexually objectified by *adults* since she was 12 years old by *professionals* in a near endless torrent of sexually charged photo's that is posted on not just on her account but on the account of these same "professionals".
  9. The effectiveness of a separate thread about the treatment of "young girls in the industry" is dubious at best. The folks who come to this thread from the outside aren't about to turn around and go read a separate thread about such a topic. That's silly. There's no reason why people can't express concern about the behavior of the adults surrounding Emily *in her forum* and alongside some of her more egregious content ... as long as it done so in moderation. It's not really my place to define what moderation demands as I myself have gone on a few rants that, in retrospect, probably laid it on a little thick. However I think jumping to outrageous accusations such as pedophilia from concerns about how she's being taken advantage of as a sexual objective is a bit much and needs to be pruned. If a moderator does sweep in here, I will *insist* that this conversation be allowed to continue to a degree, in this thread, and alongside posts like this. Fledgling company or not, there is simply no reason why Runway Goddess couldn't put a damn bra on Emily or at least us basic photoshop skills. If she is 16, it is blatant sexualization of a minor and MUST be called out AS it happens.
  10. I'm starting to think we need a clean-up in aisle 16, @Clauds
  11. https://www.instagram.com/p/CF4gp0chefq/
  12. We are *one* page, ONE, removed from me establishing why Google search cannot be used to establish an age without verification. Google Ava Bizjak age. Then tell me what you see on her Instagram. "They", the fan and toxic paparazzi style websites that you seem to be referencing, are not valid or appropriate sources of information. They do not reference where they get their information because they can't. They do the same thing you are, "google it", and pick the first thing they find and copy and paste. Without any kind of confirmation from anybody a single mistake made by a page like FamousBirthdays or the like leads to everybody else after that mistake using the same birthday because it's the latest result. The model, her agency, and official companies like the agencies and artists she works for, are the only acceptable sources of age. Not a algorithm driven search engine that cares less for authenticity and verification.
  13. babranski


    whoa, blast from the past. Interesting timing as I'm trying to get back into cycling. Got one of those Marcy Ryders to put these legs and body through the paces and back into shape without embarrassing myself, and I've been eyeballing some bikes. Suggestions? I got a pretty wide variety of places to bike around where I live now.
  14. You made an entire Bellazon account to ask this?
  15. I'm with others in saying the shoot itself got a few things wrong like her makeup and the lighting, but gawd damn if this wasn't another reminder that Kelly has some of the best breasts in the business.
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