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  1. School Formal photo's, from Instagram. I would have thought she'd wear a Runway Goddess dress, but she killed it in this bright pink amy taylor collection number.
  2. She doesn't seem to have much if any UHQ's out there. Great additions.
  3. Whoa that's a great shoot for Hannah. Hope we get to see more and bigger versions.
  4. Which one? I remember 3. There's one in a car, one at a birthday party, and one on a SI swimsuit set.
  5. I've had a huge crush Cata for a long time now. This girl has been on fire on instagram lately but I'm a little disappointed that her page here hasn't kept up. I might try and update it as much as possible this weekend.
  6. This is a great photo but damn if you can barely see what they're trying to advertise XD
  7. can you be more specific? This is super vague, and I'm sure it's totally unintentional that it looks like you created an account to push/advertise premium content.
  8. I'm wondering what some folks in this discussion think it means to be bi ...
  9. she has a premium subscription thing that's through instagram, here: https://thegraceboor.com/
  10. She's been very active lately, really testing the limits of what can be done with onlyfans content without actually being on onlyfans.
  11. Watching hockey tonight and could have sworn I just saw her in a Chipotle commercial. Is this something she has done or am I going crazy?
  12. There's the #gosee hashtag in one of these photographs, which is usually used for casting and the like by new models trying to put themselves out there in the fashion industry. I hope it went well for Emily and she starts to get more work from it. I really like the look she had. I'm more interested in that latest Runway Goddess shoot with the black dress and the model in the green dress with her. RG suddenly decided to change their style a little bit from what we normally see in their eshoots. They're not walking around what looks like a deco apartment complex anymore, I hope!
  13. it was definitely a nice walk down memory lane, but I'm going to have to say that her work in the past few years is by far and away her best. Every iteration of her is better and better.
  14. what post are you referring to? EDIT: I've found the posts you're referring to, but they're not from here. Make sure you're more specific when you're referencing conversations from other places, yea? That being said, I can't help but agree. I agree with the one poster that the likely situation here is Emily has probably paid a ransom for her account back, and it included promotion of her "savior" on it and her back-up account. It's an obscure and private software management account that I can't find anything about. They've got several stories of multiple models who accounts he has magically restored just in the past day, and all of them are posting their tanks to him in nearly the same way. It *reeks*. This sucks for Emily and I hope I'm wrong.
  15. looks like she got her account back with some expert help. I think some folks have been on the internet for too long and are seeing conspiracy theories around every corner. I'm not sure if verification is something that would have helped prevent or make it easier to deal with a hack like this, but I have to think this incident will encourage her to go through the process. It should be no problem for an established model with over a million followers.
  16. you know for sure it was a verified account? I don't remember it being so.
  17. This sucks for Feld, I hope the hackers didn't get anything sensitive or personal and I hope she can get back the account soon. I don't know enough about Instagram or Facebook income to guess what's she's missing out on, but it has to be a sizable chunk. I honestly can't remember if it was verified. I can't imagine someone reaching over 1M followers and *not* getting verified. I wonder if there were some hurdles that put them off from the verification process before, and now they will have to go through them to get the account back.
  18. eh? She's gone back to blonde or these are old?
  19. Okay she's on fire all of a sudden .. more than normal, yes? That just me? These are incredible adds, thank you @Stromboli1 + @Kane
  20. Renée, or someone she's entrusted to it, certainly seems to spend a lot of time carefully curating her image and brand on Instagram. It feels like something you would see with an insanely popular household name and not someone who doesn't even have a quarter of a million followers yet. She's one of my favorites and I certainly hope she gets to that point, but right now it's a little ... odd.
  21. "Beauty by Eugene" She's so pretty here! The makeup actually suits her compared to the caked on / heavy touch up appearance with RG. You can open webp's in Firefox and save the file as jpg/jpeg by going to "Tools" > "Paige Info" > "Media" tab and click the file in the address window before clicking save as.
  22. *scratches head* Grace Boor isn't even in the video though maybe she should be? Also, I always chuckle when I see Olivia Casta ... AI generated face on a 30 something year old model named Maria Tretjakova.
  23. Is it possible that some or all of the crew that does the Runway Goddess shoots is the same as the crew for Nature Spirit? The themes and locations are obviously different, but the styles are identical. at this point I'm expecting her to pose with a half eaten cake with just the 1 visible, or balloons with the second one out of frame ... just to troll us all.
  24. I'm loving some of this content but I'm wondering if it's something that should be posted.
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