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  1. Maybe it's just the two of us though! Ah yes, don't confuse my taste in women as being in any way analogous to cultural interests!

  2. Ah, they seemed SO young and naive! Fresh-faced first-years, born in 92/93!!! Caught a few glances though. I've still got it Dave, still got it..!

  3. Naturally! Had a good night, but I have to reign it in now as I'm doing some temp 'guest lecturer' work at one of my old universities this next two weeks. It's not an excuse to chat up students - honest!

  4. Well aren't you the little troublemaker?! Oh, my gossamer Ophelia, so 'pale as snow' - no wonder you get sick in a bad way. I hope you are being looked after as befits one so delicate?

  5. Oh, and I hope you feel better too?

  6. Nonsense - your concerns were justified, it was just a semantic mix-up is all! No harm done I'm sure.

  7. I "remember" - but I still like to be told a lot!

  8. Don't go getting sentimental on me! Let's hope it's better (in all ways) than that shit John Cusack film - WHY JOHN WHY, WE LIKED YOU BEFORE!

  9. Well, another draw today - so we'll take your cast-offs! Here's to still having a club in 2012.

  10. Ummm... I'm not sure what you mean? That link in my last comment was to those pictures, which are the new Next S/S catalogue as I said. I expect he's probably in more of the Menswear range if you look. It's next.co.uk, happy hunting!

  11. More of a case of too much of everything I think. Especially cheese - something I enjoy but have nowhere near as much of as I do this time of year.

  12. It's a festival of overindulgence until Jan 2nd! What I'm not (and never am) ready for is the sadness of returning to "normal" after that. January is depressing...

  13. Yes, he turns up in a few from these: http://www.bellazon.com/main/index.php?s=&showtopic=7139&view=findpost&p=2763468 Remember I told you about the Ben Watts shoot in London some months back?

  14. The fact that I am mentioned twice in your signature pleases me no end! You give succour to my BZ vanity, and I thank you... Bonne Annee.

  15. Oh yes, I'm taking antacid chasers with each drink now! Same again tomorrow too - what wonderful overindulgence.

  16. And god bless us, everyone!

  17. Indigestion! That aside, a fine time. Festive greetings to you too...

  18. Thank you for the 'New Year' wish! I take it you saw the Harvey Newton-Haydon shots w/Behati (for Next) that I posted today?

  19. And to you and yours. Feliz Navidad...

  20. And to you too... Feliz Navidad.

  21. Not that I know, I came back to be told the news... As for the game, very much a point won! Everybody (including MASSIVELY biased local news - Scum supporters) expected a thrashing, but judging from that display the Championship doesn't look all that.

  22. Did you hear The Big Pink cancelled their dates? Held over until Feb... Got my "cultural" fix via Fratton Park and the 'El Clasicoast' instead today.

  23. ...I'm more of a wine man, when all is said and done though! Red. Malbec (local grape)! How about you? Best beers I had in the States were stuff like Sam Adams.

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