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  1. @Bettina Saw-Morgan i will get pictures from the other links you provided tomorrow.
  2. I love this girl's look, and her body is truly amazing. But the amount of makeup plastered onto her face is distracting to a serious degree, not to mention the overload of bronzer/fake tan. Just...😩
  3. spank you very much, @RebelleFleur. flawless post.
  4. Rebel, girl. You are a queen. Thank you for all your uploads.
  5. I have never witnessed a more unique look. This girls facial features are the stuff of dreams.
  6. this girl needs more work. she’s flawless.
  7. This girl is a goddess. I can’t believe VS didn’t hire her for their FS. She as so much more to offer than some they’ve chosen. Namely the Hadids.
  8. I still love Kaia and am so proud of her first FW. but... 1. Brows — I am all for natural brows, however, hers tend to distract from her beauty rather than adding to it. 2. Skin — what’s with her looking tired and drawn out all the time? In many of her pictures she looks twice her age. Could it be down to not eating/drinking correctly?
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