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  1. Thanks for the vid Cypress, I love the song too. Starlight by Muse is simply awesome.
  2. I would give my critique on it, if I hadn't practically slept from the beggining to the end of it. I lost track of how many times my friends woke me up only for me to fall asleep again two minutes later.
  3. Yeah, I've just been busy and I haven't been on BZ lately. I'm been ejoying my summer and hnaging out with friends.

  4. Well, at this rate, I doubt I'll be getting a car. I'll just have to borrow my parent's cars.

  5. It's not so much the type of car, it's the fact that I'll finally be able to get around with out relying on friends who can drive or my parents.

  6. Thanks. I can't wait until I get my license.

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  8. Bianca Balti http://www.bellazon.com/main/index.php?sho...c=1146&st=0
  9. Great scans! Thanks nothingless for taking the time to post them.
  10. English and Spanish. I learned spanish in elementary school, from kindergarten to 5th grade, and am taking it again in high school. I want to learn Italian, but my school doesn't have it. I'll just have to learn it in college, plus then I can study abroad in Italy!
  11. Thanks for the photos. I love the photo where Natasha is hidden in the smoke.
  12. Enjoy! Their facial expressions are great. Their video ended up landing them some contracts in China , with I think a cell phone company.
  13. Haha, that was great, the first two were the best. The pokemon one really reminded me of the Asian Backstreet Boys video. Well, it certainly beat doing APUSH homework.
  14. Isn't this the version where the audio is of sync? I have the 1080i HD version and it's 5gb so it's a little big to upload Yannick: is there any possibility you could downsize the video to somewhere around 3 GBs and then upload it? I doubt you have the time, but I figure it would be worth asking.
  15. I got the same sort of message, but my wait time was 4 hours. Just go back in an hour and it should allow you to download them. It worked for me, I wasn't about to wait 8 hours after downloading the first. On another note, ohisee, there seems to be a a lag time with the audio and video. Their out of sync, I tried joining the video again but got the same result. Is the problem on you end or mine? Either way its not a huge problem, but it is something I would like to try to fix.
  16. ohisee, I could practically kiss you right now. Thank you so much for uploading the files. Downloading them and joining them with the program was a breeze. Once again, thanks.
  17. Thanks for the video Impel. It was a great interview. I loved it when she tells him the expression from Brazil, "You're married, but your not dead." Too funny
  18. The eyes are a window to the soul. Literally. Looking unto the eyes of someone is an uncomfortable, intense experience for anyone. If you don’t believe me, pick a stranger sometime and just go up to them and stare them in the eye until, the movement where there’s a sudden acknowledgement of lowered barriers, that moment that inspires awkward silence and racing hearts. The eyes reveal a lot about a person. They express emotions and give clues to what thoughts are lurking behind them. Nearly everyone underestimates how powerful the touch of another human being is. The need to be touched is somet
  19. I have a strong dislike towards Ipods. Not because they awful, although I don't think they're great, but because it seems like most people who buy them really don't know what’s out there. The other companies, Iriver, Archos, Cowon, and Creative (although there beginning to market their players strongly) have players out that most people have never heard of. Some of them happy to be very good. This isn't to say that Ipods are a good fit for many people out there. Take Ipods video capabilities for instance, In my opinion, buying an Ipod mainly because you want to watch video on airplanes is a jo
  20. Natasha, I don't find Doutzen very attractive.
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