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  1. There are some pics of her from a new shoot that I wasn't able to grab. Check out @burnt_breakfast and @pixpop on instagram
  2. Link to her page: https://www.stormmanagement-la.com/creators/elsie-hewitt/
  3. Some new ones and some old ones from her Storm Models LA Portfolio
  4. My hatred for Instagram just keeps on growing..
  5. Previews from shoot with Sam Dameshek. @SamDameshek and @filmbysd on Instagram
  6. I'm blaiming her for global warming, as she is simply far too hot
  7. If someone wants to try to get the pic in higher and better resolution Url: https://www.elsiehewitt.com/portfolio/zl7w0q4q8plvel0mzrfdv3p1hk2vx6
  8. Old Jared Thomas Kocka shoot
  9. @Bellatsonia Great job dude. Where did you find both this shoot and the Randall Slavin one? I tried looking for them myself but had no luck.
  10. She had a shoot with Jared Thomas Kocka earlier in the week. She has loads of shoots that hasn't been released yet, it's incredibly frustrating
  11. U and me both. The place to be for your Elsie fix is her subreddit, come join me and 45000 others if you haven't already
  12. Is it the newest one? Unless i'm looking at the wrong magazine, that seems to be Alexis Ren on the cover, and I can't find Elsie on any earlier cover of that magazine either
  13. I just find it incredibly weird how many of her photoshoots we never see anything from. Like in the last two years she has had shoots with like 10-11 different photographers and almost nothing is available expect from the Insta-teasers. It's just so freaking frustrating I see she has two pics on Passmores homepage, can u try your magic trick to see if theres more from those photosets? Here's to URLs to the photos: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5441c637e4b067cc7176e0f9/5441c676e4b0a94c76798855/5797c9d25016e14c87f70d15/1470028097936/2Z4C7682.jpg?format=500w https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5441c637e4b067cc7176e0f9/5441c676e4b0a94c76798855/54c1a900e4b0bad93724dca5/1421977892091/?format=300w
  14. She's just unbelievably hot. And I straight up hate the photographers for not releasing the things they shoot with her. Imagine a movie company never releasing a movie after dropping a trailer.. It would be total nonsense
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