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  1. Elsie Hewitt

    All the photographers who has shot with Elsie and doesn't release the content can go straight to hell. I'm talking to you David Bellemere, Randall Slavin, Christopher von Steinbach, Kesler Tran, Mike Rosenthal, Derek Kettela, Gino Terribilini, Robert Deutschman, Jonny Marlow and Gregorio Campos.
  2. Elsie Hewitt

    He tagged her in the photo yesterday
  3. Genevieve Morton

    Can't u just upload the pics using a cellphone? Me personally would greatly appreciate that and I don't care if the quality is subpar
  4. Elsie Hewitt

    It's pretty much like saying "athlete x" wouldn't be what he/she is without "quality x" No shit, Sherlock