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  1. Thanks Sasha for the HQS. Can't decide who looks the best! All three of them are so incredibly beautiful! Here are pics of Ale and Ana walking in NYC. I don't know who the third girl is. Would like to know! Check out this link: Ana and Ale walking in NYC PS: I love Ales style! Ana has great style too, but she seems to choose more elegant clothes than Ale!
  2. Thanks Sasha! you are the best! And Ana looks like always....simply stunning! I wish there were a video of the MTV event... I mean it's MTV.....there should be a video. But i didn't find anything on youtube.
  3. Steph_26


    yes, she looks incredible gorgeous! Thanks for the pics! Love her ....and her natural haircolour....;-)
  4. Has this been posted already? It's from Giles.
  5. Thank you francy! Is there the end of the interview as well? It's cut. I didn't know that her parents are separated. How sad.
  6. Steph_26


    finally we got some new pics! Thank you! She looks great!!!
  7. Thank you so much egluze!!!! I love these pics! I loved her in the Tim comercials! She looked her best and absolutely gorgeous!
  8. THANKS! I love her profile! Don't like those sunglasses...wanna see her gorgeous eyes!!!!
  9. she's so beautiful! Can't believe my eyes! One of the most beautiful women I have ever seen!
  10. Thanks Babylola for this megapost!!! Love her! She's perfect!
  11. hi Lolita! Me too! I especially love the Izaac Mizrahi campaign pic! Thanks!
  12. Steph_26


    Such a pretty family! Thanks for the pics!
  13. @ Francy: Why can't you see them? Her body is really amazing...anyone knows if she works out regularly?
  14. Steph_26


    Thanks Sasha! I loved this comercial! One of her best shots ever!
  15. shooting a campaign with a baby! quem
  16. WOW THAT PIC IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thanks Donbot!
  17. Steph_26


    Thank you so much for the pics!!!!! Her baby is ultra-mega-cute! And she is sooo pretty. Her hair, her beautiful face... and on top of it her style! Great style....wanna have all her clothes!
  18. Thanks for the pics of young Adri! She looks unbelievably beautiful! Wasn't this photographer her boyfriend? I'd love to see a pic of him as well!
  19. This about the movie is quite old! They never shot it, because we never heard of it again. But why, I don''t know??? I am happy she doesn't want to be another actress or tv presenter.
  20. backstage at C&A. Credits to House of Models:
  21. video from House of Models with Ana sending kisses: house of models
  22. another vid with Isabeli: House of models
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