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  1. General Celebrity Gossip

    Do you think having a nudie going around will affect her career?
  2. General Celebrity Gossip

    Yea. I agree w the person who said it seems like there is more to come
  3. General Celebrity Gossip

    I feel bad for nina
  4. General Celebrity Gossip

    It was clearly a personal picture taken from someone she trusted completely naked in bed. Not ok! It's sad people would do that
  5. General Celebrity Gossip

    Am I the only one who saw the nude picture of her someone released? It was on twitter last night. Pretty messed up someone would do that if you ask me
  6. 2014 SI Swimsuit

    Thank you prettyphile!
  7. 2014 SI Swimsuit

    Does anyone know the editors email address? Or a way to submit swimsuits for 2015?
  8. 2014 SI Swimsuit

    I agree that most of the rookies were meh. Overall the magazine was beautiful though!
  9. 2014 SI Swimsuit

    I think the reason for this is- people love the girl next door thing. It just works. And it sells.
  10. 2014 SI Swimsuit

    I agree that SI is best off discovering new talent. The high fashion models are great and all, but if you think of the models that the audience goes crazy for in SI it's the lesser known, new discoveries. Ex- kate upton, nina agdal, brooklyn Decker etc. Advice for SI- next year get some new girls who have little/no fanbase/modeling experience. That seems to be what the people end up loving & buying!
  11. 2014 SI Swimsuit

    From the pic on twitter it looks like it's a front and a back. It says flip at the top for the dreamy team
  12. 2014 SI Swimsuit

    Look at the picture @thephreshm4n just posted. Kate is on the cover.... Looking great though!
  13. 2014 SI Swimsuit

    They also said the model wouldn't appear on jimmy kimmel til Monday, so it really could be anyone
  14. 2014 SI Swimsuit

    Gotcha! Why do you think she doesn't have a chance? Just not popular enough?
  15. 2014 SI Swimsuit

    Do you think nina has a chance at the cover?