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  1. Damn Magda, gotta hit those hip thrusts in the gym 😞
  2. LOL so sorry for not sharing your opinion nor being as active on the forum as you! I suppose your opinion is the only one that matters Her face has no quality bone structure - looks like a monkey carved it from a potato
  3. Could do without: Jennifer Lawrence Kate Upton The Hadids Emilia Clarke Ashley (eats a lot of) Graham Crackers Hailey Baldwin Beyonce Daisy Ridley Also thought Alessandra Ambrosio was way too high up there. Still gorgeous, but well past her prime
  4. EW. Please get Jennifer Lawrence far far far away from this list
  5. More like, Hunter McGravy, yikes.
  6. Great adds, Pith! Wasn't she supposed to be part of that NuMuses project? Did anything ever come out of that?
  7. I can't be the only one who thinks she looks awful now... ?
  8. Wtf? Why would you be happy about this? We're losing thousands of files unless everyone saves and transfers them
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