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  1. What? Maybe I'm just an idiot. Couldn't find her on the SI website. Thank you.
  2. I thought she was going to appear in the 2021 SI Swimsuit Edition?
  3. I really like her stuff, just wish there was more of it.
  4. Unless you're a supermodel working for recognisable brands, you'll have a limited time on the limelight. And what a lot of these models don't realise is that sooner rather than later people are going to stop caring about your work if all you do are these kinds of shoots. Not every model has to be a nude model, of course; but it happened to Charlotte Mckinney and Genevieve Morton where they spent years just doing bikini/tease shoots, and when they finally went nude, nobody really paid that much attention. It was too late. Alessandra Ambrosio can get away without nude shoots; Instagram models can too, but only for some time until the next hottest thing appears and supplants them.
  5. Any news on that new Hammond shoot?
  6. Oh shit, I forgot to put the source. It's from P Magazine.
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