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  1. Boy, ain't that the truth. The Calvin Klein shoot with her is really something.
  2. Beautiful. I'm surprised I've never heard of her.
  3. Clara Alonso [6] Angela Ruiz [0] I think this will be a blow out ... as if anyone needed more evidence:
  4. Great! Now I wish I had another amazing picture of Joanna to test it with
  5. For real. When I started reading, I assumed at first I was in trouble for violating a no-nudity rule
  6. Ah, my bad. Thanks for the heads up!
  7. Not quite the same level of 'wow' but here's a classic from her Me in My Place shoot (those legs!)
  8. Well @VS19 I just posted Joanna Krupa's bare butt so ... I'm not sure how I'll ever top that!
  9. Same ... has she ever done anything for VS? If not, VS needs to hire her. Would love to see her as a regular alongside the other angels.
  10. Merci beaucoup @VS19, looking forward to many strong posts to come!
  11. Amazing shoot! I hope she celebrates her next birthday the same way Joanna Krupa celebrated her 37th.
  12. I really hope we get a new Alessandra shoot for VS this year. I'm just happy she is still doing so many amazing shoots for her own brand.
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