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  1. Hello! Would you know who she is? TIA
  2. Hello! do you know her? TIA
  3. willash

    H&M models ID

    Thank you! I think 1 may be https://mikas.se/models/mandana-s-34036/ ? But she has a twin sister so... I don't really know if it is her or not.
  4. willash

    H&M models ID

    Hello pals! Do u know them? TIA 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  5. I forgot to say thank you Y__Y THANK YOU ❤️ @kimflorida @MingoPants
  6. Hello! Hope you are safe and sound ❤️ Do you know their names? TIA. 1. from H&M 2. from H&M 3. from H&M 4. from Bershka 5. from Free People 6. from Massimo Dutti 7. from Pacsun
  7. Picture is small, but I think she is Tes Linnenkoper
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