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  1. Anyone know what the source is for the beach gifs? Is it some youtube video? I've never saw this before. Thanks.
  2. God bless you Sir/Miss. God bless you. 🙂
  3. I believe this is new. Warning: Very brief, but nudity.
  4. Ya this is pretty mediocre to be honest. She's still great but the SI shots are meh.
  5. New to me. Sorry if repost.
  6. @Luca Taidelli Any update? Did you ever end up getting it? Thanks
  7. tacrn


    Same video but with no subtitles and better quality. Same resolution but I personally think Vimeo's encoder renders more crisp videos than youtube. Just my opinion.
  8. God her body is still just top notch gorgeous. I don't really see her do much of modeling these days.
  9. I "think" it's a previously unpublished photo from 2010 Hercules called Brazilian Models by Paola Kudacki. I may be wrong on the publication though. Reference: https://www.anneofcarversville.com/style-photos/brazilian-models-sfw-paola-kudacki-hercules-spring-2010.html And no I couldn't find any other new pictures. 😞
  10. Sorry if repost... Galaxy Z flip phone video advert
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