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  1. Very sexy woman. Shame there isn't more footage and pics of her. She's better than most of the popular models of early 2000's.
  2. Thanks @ArianaVSCouture She's my favourite Brazilian fashion model after Gisele. Does bring back memories !!
  3. Thanks to everyone for posting these rare and amazing images !!! She is easily one of my all-time top 10 fashion models.
  4. One of the sexiest fashion models ever, and gorgeous to boot. Thanks for all the posts. Too bad there isn't more pictures of her.
  5. @ArianaVSCouture Thanks for the pictures. Yasmeen Ghauri and Gurmit Kaur. Really beautiful.
  6. @ArianaVSCouture Do you have images from YSL Haute Couture Spring 1991 show ??? If so, can you please upload them? I really like Gurmit Kaur and one other model whose name I don't know.
  7. Logo removed, colour and contrast corrected and then enhanced using AI.
  8. A wallpaper created from one of the pictures in the previous post by me.
  9. Richard Melloul Photos. Some of these have already been posted but a few pics are missing. So I'm going to repost them. Hope that's alright. 😀
  10. Carven Spring 2000 warning:see-through
  11. @ArianaVSCouture Awesome stuff. Please keep posting if you can. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous woman. One of my top 5 favourites along with Helene Christensen, Laetitia Casta, Yasmeen Ghauri and Gisele Bundchen. Thanks for all the pictures.
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