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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2005 (GENERAL THREAD)

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#141 JoeKnight


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Posted 24 December 2008 - 09:47 AM

yeah, there's slight differences. Like Ale's magically appearing hat in 06 that vamp pointed out.

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Posted 19 June 2009 - 06:31 PM

Don't ya thinQ that Izabeel's abs looQed the best in VSFS 2005? =)

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Posted 21 June 2010 - 04:10 PM

Yeah I dont like that woman either Q, she kept yelling at that one girl to follow Naomi and her voice is so annoying :x

It would appear working backstage requires little more than blustering about and randomly shouting out superfluous orders in triplicate:


And I believe at one point your 'bete noir', Sam12, tells everybody to leave unless they are a model - which is fine in principle, but would make a rather bad fashion show, and a pretty pointless televisual experience...

Also it's entirely necessary that after you have called out a model's name, somebody behind you then has to call it out again. Don't know why. You just HAVE to!

There seems to be a need for exhortation. Perhaps these people have no other power in their lives and so relish this once a year opportunity to hear the sound of their own voices.

To whit, the lady who needs KK "NOW NOW NOW", because she needs to "GO GO GO" and persists in this facade for a further minute and a half whilst a whole dance routine takes place and the model just remains standing there. Finally, after this set-piece somebody helpfully tells KK to "GO NOW" - why all this drama?

That said, everybody ignores all of it anyway!

But that's nothing compared to inane and vacuous comments from the disembodied editor voices.

How's this for superfluous:

"Ricky Martin, he's heavily back-lit guys, so let's play it that way"???

And this, when Karolina returns from her tour-of-duty:

"Lovely, push it (Bri?), in the house. Lovely"? And why, pray tell, do we need to hear it?

This reached it's apogee, as did so many negative attributes of the VSFS, this year with the following idiotic statement that the editors saw fit to unnecessarily share with us. Bear in mind that the model in question wasn't on stage, or even in the segment, just larking about backstage:

"So major, Miranda. Major moment. Go for it baby."

I mean the shows are probably all great (showboating by some models notwithstanding), but it's those bloody editors insisting that we are privy to their banal comments and that we see their mates self-importantly throwing themselves about in the wings with grandiose aplomb that is ruining it. I do not need to be spoon fed regarding every image I see:

(Noemie Lenoir is already halfway down the catwalk, VSFS 2007)
(First Voice): "Noemie's next."
(Second Voice): "And give me Noemie."

But even barking out nonsense in triplicate can take it's toll. The French sounding guy who is acting as some sort of 'fluffer' for the girls at the entrance to the catwalk even gets bored of it at the 2005 finale:

"SMILING LAUGHING DANCING... (Um, what order?) DANCING SMILING LAUGHING (er - where was I up to?) LAUGHING?"

Oh dear, I seem to have gone on a bit again! :cain: Anyway...

You know, the editors have been editing in all kinds of stuff for what 5 years now, and it's to the point that I can't watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show without it.

You know that voice that said, "And give me Noemie." Well, that's Hamish Hamiliton the director. He directs the MTV Video Music Awards, etc. He's known as one of the best multi-camera directors working today. All the backstage stuff you see in the VS shows was all his idea. After 2002, he decided we needed to hear and see more of the backstage because he felt that there was just as much good stuff going on backstage as the runway.

The French guy is Alex De Betak that producer. He comes up, or came up, he's not working with the show anymore, all the visual concepts. Dita Von Teese dancing during the Shadow Dreams segment in'05 was his idea. I loved it when he was telling Morgane in french to get between Dita's legs. Yep, he's a fluffer, and a damn good one. LOL!

Does anyone know the whole FRENCH sentence which alex de buttock said to Morgane?
i really want to know

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