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F1 and all kinds of Auto Racing

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:) Ok, F1 fans here's our place ;) It's the off season but here's the place for news........Hey Albaholic..........What's Ecclestone got up his sleeve this week? :huh: .....az

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i don't watch motorsports...i go out and do it!!

i will be autocrossing tomorrow and representing limaX!!

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if you like race car images check this out

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[quote name='SerbianBoy' post='336123' date='Feb 4 2006, 02:19 AM']Is there anything better???? * A8 6.0 W12*[/quote]
...this was A6...

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[quote name='SerbianBoy' post='336123' date='Feb 4 2006, 02:19 AM']Is there anything better???? * A8 6.0 W12*[/quote]
...this was A8l...

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[quote name='SerbianBoy' post='336123' date='Feb 4 2006, 02:19 AM']Is there anything better???? * A8 6.0 W12*[/quote]
little reposting

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I can't believe this thread is so small! Are there no motorsport/car fans on BZ?!

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Maybe this will spark some interest. Here are a few videos...

Ferrari at Olympic Opening Ceremony:

Schumi doing a round of Monza

These reviews are simply 4-5 musical montages of the seasons....

1998 Season Review:

1999 Season Review:

2000 Season Review:

2001 Season Review:

2002 Season Review:

2003 Season Review:

2004 Season Review:

2005 Season Review: My personal favourite with Bon Jovi's 'Have A Nice Day' in the background

Another 2005 Review, this time by the FIA (Coldplay's Fix You is featured in here )

Raikonnen vs. Montoya at Hockenheim; Awesome Battle

Awesome battle of Schumi and Hill at Spa in the wet

Rubens last run in a Ferrari and doing donuts

Nice montage of Schumacher
[url="http://www.youtube.com/w/shumacher?v=FwlspmnHig8&search=F1"]http://www.youtube.com/w/shumacher?v=FwlspmnHig8&search=F1[/url] Edited by Albaholic

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didn't explore bz so much... that's why i didn't see this thread. i'm a biggest fan of f1. raikkonen is the best. mclaren team is great, but the can't provide fast and reliable car. so let's see what he will achieve in ferrari! my congrats to alonso! want to say good bye and thanks to michael, though i think he used dirty methods. ah, brazil gp is over. and now we have a time to little gossip :)

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My dad used to be really into F1 so I know a wee bit about it from him. Jenson Button = my favourite, ever. He's gorgeous too which doesn't hurt!

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[b]Colin Kolles Q&A ''We want to get points this year''[/b]


New direction and focus with Spyker
Spyker Managing Director Colin Kolles gives his thoughts on the 2007 F1 season at the launch of the new Spyker F8-VII.

[b]Is the 2007 season the start of a new era for the team?[/b]
"This year will be the new start for the Spyker brand, but we also need to look at it as a new start for the team too. Over the past three years there have been some far-reaching changes in the team, from the name to the management to the structure, but we now know that Spyker want to make the project work, which is very positive for everyone. When you know that somebody wants to do well and is here for the long run it gives you an extra drive to make it work as you know you have a goal to aim for. We’ve got a real direction and focus now."

[b]Since Spyker came on board you have made some changes, firstly bringing Mike Gascoyne on board in November to strengthen the team. Are these the first steps in turning the team around?[/b]
"Having people like Mike in the team shows we are serious about improving. We know that Spyker want to be in F1 to win and Mike has a great history of turning teams around.
He is there to help guide James Key and his technical team and together I’m confident they will steadily improve the team’s performance. So far the appointment is working well, he has already made some changes and brought other resources on board such as Aerolab; we’re gradually strengthening a good team dynamic that we hope will continue to improve."

[b]Last year was a very disappointing one for the team, but this year there seems to be a real optimism that things can change.[/b]
"Yes, it was disappointing not to score a point the whole season, but when you look at the improvement we made as a team in the tail end of the season, I think we didn’t do as badly as the stats make out. We’ve got to build on that now and move forward. We want to get points this year, but we want to earn them, not just inherit them."

[b]You have a new driver line-up, with Christijan joined by Adrian Sutil. What convinced you to sign Adrian as a full-time race driver?[/b]
"Adrian was part of the team last year and drove in three Friday sessions. We were very impressed with his approach and commitment and, of course, his speed. He has a good attitude and fits in well with the team. He wants to learn and grow, and we want to do that too. Having Adrian on a long term deal should be beneficial to us both."

[b]Christijan has also resigned for another season, giving the team increased stability. How much does that mean to the team?[/b]
"Christijan contributed a lot to the team’s development last year and it’s very good that he can compare last year’s car to this year’s and give the engineers feedback on direction. He’s very quick and committed to the team too, and has a great enthusiasm that’s very infectious. He has a lot of pressure, being the only Dutch full-time F1 race driver in a Dutch car, but that kind of exposure is good for both his own and the team’s profile."

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[b]Mol and Muller Q&A
The men behind the Spyker F1 team
Mol bringing his business know-how to Spyker
Spyker today unveiled its new 2007 challenger, the imaginatively named F8-VII chassis. Michiel Mol, Director of Spyker F1 Team and Victor Muller CEO of Spyker Cars take questions.

[b]Michiel, In the world of e-business you are very established, but you are relative Formula 1 newcomer. What attracted you to the sport?[/b]
"There were two sides to the decision. Firstly the change in the sporting regulations, which saw a shift in favour of the smaller teams with the engine freeze, limits on testing and the tyre stability, meant we could stand a good chance of competing and doing well. Secondly the redistribution of the TV income makes the sport now a very viable financial prospect for investors."

[b]You have a huge success rate in business, with your company, Lost Boys, listed on the Dutch and Swedish stock exchanges. How will your business acumen help Spyker?[/b]
"I see Spyker as a regular company, just like any of my other businesses. I run my companies in an open and transparent way and I treat sponsors and partners as customers. I’m going to apply this kind of business sense to Spyker F1 too. Besides it being a sport, I can see the huge business potential there for something to grow - financially this is a very good investment."

[b]The partnership between yourself, Victor and the team seems to be working well. How does the dynamic work?[/b]
"The dynamic does work well.
Victor concentrates on the Spyker brand and the road car marketing and production, while I am responsible for the F1 team. Colin is the team principal and controls all the operations and movements at the factory, I make sure the communications, PR and marketing side is looked after and Spyker F1 is positioned in the right way. Between the three of us it works very well."
Will we be seeing you at all races this year?[/b]
"I certainly aim to go to all the races, but you never know what might pop up at the last minute. Put it like this – I have booked my ticket to come to all 17 events! I want to be there in the thick of it, working with the sponsors, partners and media and open to any questions. I can tell you, I’ll always be available if I’m there!"

[b]Having a Dutch driver in a Dutch car certainly seems to have been well-received in Holland. How proud does that make you?[/b]
"I am certainly proud to be Dutch and in this situation, but the reaction at home has been even bigger than I expected. It’s all been positive, but I will only be really proud when we start achieving good results on and off the track. We’re going in the right way, but I want to make sure we do everything properly and then I can admire what we’ve done together."
The team has had some changes of management recently – are you in F1 for the long run?[/b]
"Stability is the only way to get results. I’ve never done a deal to make a quick buck or for a short term project. To see results in this company you definitely have to look at it long-term."

[b]Victor Muller delighted to be in Formula One
Victor, how has your Formula 1 experience been so far?[/b]
"I’m now four months into my new ‘career’ and I have really enjoyed it. From the outside looking in it’s the most attractive, competitive and sexy sport and that is all true when you get inside. It really is as glamorous and competitive as it looks; there’s certainly no deception there."

[b]Why did you want to become involved in the sport?[/b]
"The tipping point was the major change in the sporting regulations so smaller teams could compete, things were now more equal between the big and the small outfits. F1 is now definitely a sport for smaller teams rather than a financial black hole – with these changes, it should be realistic for a small team to do well."

[b]What you hope to achieve from the project as Spyker?[/b]
"First and foremost I want the Spyker name to be associated with success. We want to be competitive, it’s our mission. We’re not in F1 just to be there, we want to win. Moreover the exposure we get from the sport will have a very positive effect on the brand and our sales. If you are competitive in motorsport, it generates massive brand awareness."
How does your role as CEO of Spyker Cars fit in with Michiel and Colin’s Formula 1 roles?[/b]
"It’s very clear that as the chief executive officer and a member of the board of Spyker Cars N.V that I see this as a project to raise awareness and profile of the brand. F1 obviously plays a major role in our strategy as a company, but I don’t need to get involved in the day to day dealings of the team. Michiel’s role as the Director of F1 is to raise the commercial profile of the team, while Colin, as team principal, has to ensure that the team functions well on an operational level and take strategic decisions."

[b]Is this a long-term project for you?[/b]
"We know that we’re not going to see overnight results here. It’s not going to be a short turn around and we have to be realistic about what we can achieve. You cannot change a team in a year, you cannot expect to have podiums in our first season. We have to manage those expectations; we want to aim for points in the latter part of the year. For us, 2007 will be a transition year as we’re laying the foundations for 2008. We’ll see Mike Gascoyne’s influence start to kick in mid-season so the real results of our involvement won’t be seen until next year."

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[b]Toro Rosso no Red Bull satellite
Teams to compete against each other - Horner[/b]

Red Bull Racing Team Principal Christian Horner has rejected suggestions that Toro Rosso has become a mere 'satellite' outfit for the Red Bull Racing squad.

The energy drink-owned stable, as well as Honda/Super Aguri, have been bombarded with criticism of late and threatened with legal action if they go ahead with apparent plans to effectively share cars in 2007.

Horner is attributed as saying: "Red Bull Racing and Scuderia Toro Rosso are two completely different teams that will compete against one another.

Spyker and Williams have been the most outspoken about the customer car issue, but the feeling runs the length of the pit lane also amid confusion about whether the practice will be fully permitted by the rules in 2008.

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[b]Alonso's team switch is 'brave' - Damon Hill
''The best way to demonstrate true quality''[/b]


Fernando Alonso's switch to McLaren Mercedes from title-winning comfort at Renault is 'brave' but exciting, according to the world champion of 1996.

46-year-old Damon Hill, who won his drivers' title at the wheel of a dominant Renault-powered Williams, said Alonso's decision demonstrated that he is a Valentino Rossi-style racer.

"It's a gamble," Hill told the Spanish newspaper Marca, "but he wants to demonstrate his contribution to a team."

"When you are with a successful team for a long time people can start to think that your achievements are a product of the car rather than the driver."

"Fernando wants to show that he can win with a different team, just like Rossi did by changing to Yamaha."

"Yes, it's a big risk, but I think it is the best way to demonstrate true quality.

Alonso has enjoyed a near-perfect start to his new McLaren tenure, as widespread observers agree that the new MP4-22 is so far the most impressive car for 2007, which appears also to be an improvement in terms of reliability.

Hill went on: "If I had to bet money on someone, it would be Alonso. However, even Schumacher changed teams at a similar point in his career and did not win the title in the first year."

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[b]Button and Barrichello happy with progress[/b]

Rubens Barrichello and Jenson Button are both comfortable with the progress the Honda team has made with its new car over the past week in testing, but are under no illusions of the amount of work still to do.

"We made a step forward this week in our understanding of the car, despite the poor weather which limited the amount of mileage covered on my two days of running," Barrichello said. "We focused on electronic controls work and set-up developments, along with some reliability running, before further new parts become available for the next tests. It is early days yet but I am happy with our current position."

Jenson Button added, "The car has run reliably over the four days this week which has enabled us to cover some further valuable mileage. We still have some work to do in tuning the set-up of the car to the tyres and we will continue that in Jerez next week."

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[b]Spyker threatens legal action[/b]

The Spyker F1 team has threatened to take legal action to stop rivals Super Aguri and Toro Rosso from racing customer cars in the 2007 season, team principal Colin Kolles said as he launched his team's new Ferrari-powered car.

"If we don't like the cars then we'll definitely have an injunction," Kolles was quoted as saying by Reuters. "They will have to learn the hard way."

"I don't argue afterwards any more," he added. "We're trying to find a solution and there are some people who think they are super-clever. You will see at the end of the day who has the evidence and the proof and I can tell you that I have them and some people are very naive."

Super Aguri and Toro Rosso are the only teams yet to unveil their 2007 cars.

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