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  1. Job interview

    I recently applied for a job at Victoria's Secret and I was scheduled for a group interview today. Everything went well and I did get called back for a one on one interview. Does anyone have any advice for this particular interview and also, does anyone have advice for interviews in general. Some questions to consider are... 1. How should you wear your make-up? 2. How should your make-up be done? 3. Should you wear nail polish, if any at all? 4. What kind of questions should you expect?
  2. Runway

    I thought she wasn't too good in 06 compared to her show in 05 also. Then in 07 she went very much downhill. While in 08 she didn't look too great in the show itself I thought the candids for all the pre-show stuff were amazing. Her look improved so much that year. She could have looked amazing in the show that year had she had different hair and make-up. Perhaps a different personal trainer could help her change her body up. More yoga and pilates with lower body weights perhaps. Candice and Rosie have been my favorites this year.
  3. Runway

    I'd give her another year. I remember back in 06 when everyone thought she had lost it she didn't get back to her old self until 08. To me she's still amazing. Not back to her prime but still hot. When she loses some of her old spark it seems get take her a long while to get it back.
  4. Jessica Alba

    She just gets better and better. I think this is one of my favorite spreads of her. Gorgeous.
  5. Christina Aguilera

    I was hoping it was just an awful rumor. They seemed so close, so happy and in love. Hope this doesn't actually end up happening. :( On another topic... The Christina copies Gaga debate. Credit to Jess@ Some say they both copied Madonna. I really don't think she tries to copy off of Gaga tough. ;)
  6. That Time Of The Month

    I'm currently looking into birth control. I was thinking about getting the depo provera shots until I read that in some cases you can gain as much as 50 pounds from it and also there have been women who get their period for several months straight as a side effect. This one woman wrote about how she got her period for 3 months straight after getting a depo shot. Scary.
  7. Editorials

    I am loving these scans. She looks really elegant and classy. One of my new favorite editorials :)
  8. News

    She's sooo cute. Looks like a mini Lima. The vogue editorial is officially one of my top favorites. I like it better than last GQ editorial she had.
  9. Miscellaneous

    It's cute when she throws the pink slips up in the air
  10. Miscellaneous

    Thanks dolce vita. I can't believe I've never seen those before. I love them. Specially the one with the bath tub.
  11. Miscellaneous

    I found this through google while searching for pics of Dri with short hair. Does anyone know where it's from.
  12. Does anyone know who she is. She's gorgeous.
  13. Victoria's Secret Lingerie/Underwear

    Thank you for all the pictures :heart: It's gotta be a sin to be so beautiful.
  14. High Heels

    I adore high heels. They make your legs look fantastic and can compliment an outfit perfectly. I had trouble with them at first, but it wasn't difficult to get used to them. I tried practicing in a carpeted room. Getting used to walking outside and on marble and wooden floors was the difficult part. Going grocery shopping with heels is the best kind of practice. You walk up and down the aisles, slowly of course, while using the shopping cart for support. I still have trouble walking outside in the winter wearing high heels while it's snowy or icy.
  15. Would you ever get a boob job?

    I have been considering them. But I'm doing my research well before deciding if I would really want to do this. I'm liking everything I'm finding so far, however I did find his video today. Would anyone be able to comment on the accuracy of this video. Is the information in this video correct. If someone who's actually gotten implants could give me some feedback I would appreciate it greatly.