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Rebecca Loos


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Rebecca Loos (born 19 June 1977) is a Spanish-born Dutch-English model and singer, who was brought to media attention following claims that she conducted an affair with the married football player David Beckham—while employed as his personal assistant. The revelation made her into a media personality, and she has since appeared on several reality television series.

Loos was born in Madrid, Spain, but she has Dutch citizenship. Her father was Leonard Loos Bartholdi, a Dutch diplomat, and her mother, Elizabeth Loos, is originally from Surrey, England. Growing up, she was privately educated. After moving back to Madrid in 2002, Loos worked for an American investment bank.

When the former England football captain David Beckham moved to Real Madrid, Loos became his personal assistant during the transition period, alongside SFX agent and the former Australian international footballer Andy Bernal, who spoke Spanish fluently.

Beckham and Loos worked closely together both professionally and socially and Loos claimed that she became an "alternative wife". Victoria Beckham was not initially happy in Madrid, and wanted to develop her UK music career, so she spent much of her time in England. Loos claimed this resulted in Beckham becoming bored, leading them to spend almost all their time together socially, and a four month affair was the alleged result. However this was never confirmed and Victoria Beckham was recently quoted in W magazine saying the alleged affair only made their marriage stronger.

In April 2004, British tabloid newspaper News of the World published a story claiming that she and Beckham an affair.

Shortly after the newspaper coverage of her relationship with David Beckham, Loos came out publicly as bisexual, saying "I am indeed bisexual and have been ever since I was a teenager."

In 2005, to protest against America's laws on gay marriage, Loos married the American fashion model Jenny Shimizu for the TV program Power Lesbian UK. It was broadcast in the USA as Power Lesbians on LOGO which profiled successful lesbians in Los Angeles. The two shared a relationship for a period afterwards.

On, 17 July 2009 in Oslo, Loos gave birth to a son, Magnus Leon Loos Skaiaa. The father is Sven Christjar Skaiaa. On her homepage, Rebecca writes: "We have named our beautiful son Magnus Leon Loos Skaiaa. He was born in Oslo in the early hours of 17 July weighing 3.3 kilos. As is well we are home and enjoying every minute of this new little person in our lives."

In 2004, Loos briefly was a hostess on the Dutch TV program Shownieuws (along with the former Eurovision Song Contest singer Gerard Joling who represented the Netherlands in 1988.) Her appearance was short-lived, partly due to the strength of her English accent when speaking Dutch. Loos failed to attract the ratings producers had hoped for and was dropped from the show.

In October 2004, she appeared on the reality television programme The Farm, a Channel 5 version of the RTE show Celebrity Farm. At one point, Loos was famously given the task of masturbating a pig to collect its semen. The broadcast of this provoked controversy and attracted complaints. The RSPCA criticised the show's producers for "morbid and sordid fascination with farm animals".

The incident generated tabloid headlines once again for Loos. It was also viewed by some commentators as an apt example of the depths to which minor celebrities would plumb for public exposure, and the lengths to which the producers of reality television would go to in order to satisfy the interests of viewers.

In 2005, Loos appeared on the ITV network "reality" TV show Celebrity Love Island, where she sparked up a relationship with the model Calum Best. Their relationship managed to cause a stir in the British tabloids when the pair discarded their microphones and disappeared in the resort's toilets together for fifteen minutes. In 2006, she played for the England Women's soccer football team in a Sky TV charity event. In April of the same year, Loos ran in the London Marathon, and raised over

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