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Where can i get Brazil Elle?


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Thiago is on a trip he won't be back until sunday... i'm taking portuguese at uni and i speak spanish, maybe i can help... what do you need to be translated ? (and if you don't trust my newly-acquired portuguese skills there are plenty of other brazilian members lol) - anyways i assume big magazines like Elle only offer yearly subscritions on their websites...

ETA: i've just seen this month's cover and now i understand why you want to get it :laugh: i found nothing about them offering to buy a single issue of the mag but daria's interview was nice :hehe:

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you want to subscribe to ELLE Brazil for TWO YEARS just because you're interested in ONE issue ? that's insane lol... if you really want to subscribe do it for just one year at least, but if you wait i'm sure you'll find this particular issue with flavia on the cover without having to subscribe... or you could always wait until a brazilian offers you to buy the magazine (just the issue with flavia) in your place and then send it to you if you pay both the mag and the shipping :p

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