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The Female Waist


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Recently I was reading an article in a magazine about the different points on a body that drives sensuality. Obviously for women it is the bosom, hips, and most importantly, the waist. It talked about the the waist-hip ratio as the quintessintial icon of female sexuality. A 0.7 WHR for woman also represents excellent health and fertility, no matter the weight.

In the article, it talked about the little dimple or distinct curve that defines the female waist.. It had a name, but I can't remember it and its driving me nuts. WHAT IS THIS POINT ON THE WAIST CALLED!

For help, I will call on the lovely Alessandra Ambrosio, who I should remind you has the perfect WHR for her weight. The 'dimple' as I am calling it, is much more pronounced when a woman is lieing down or in a pose similar to this.


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12 years & nobody has answered this question. I'm disappointed in you Bellazon! XD


it has a specific name, not just "waist" ... there's a specific name for the point at which the shape turns. I read an article all those years ago that named it but I could never find it going back in research (Maxim or Men's Health or one of those)

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