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Dustin Hoffman

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:wave: From Wikipedia

Dustin Lee Hoffman (born August 8, 1937) is a two-time Oscar winning American actor. His dogged research and ability to transform himself totally into the character he is portraying has led him to be considered by many as the greatest actor of his generation and one of the world's greatest living actors.

Hoffman was born in Los Angeles, California to Jewish American parents, Harry Hoffman and Lillian Gold.

According to Dustin Hoffman's April 1975 Playboy Magazine interview, his mother named him after the silent-screen actor Dustin Farnum.

After graduating from Los Angeles High School, Hoffman attended the Los Angeles Conservatory of Music with ambitions of being a concert pianist. He later attended Santa Monica College for a year before dropping out due to poor grades. While at the college, Hoffman took an acting class to boost his grade point average (he was told "nobody flunks acting") and later remarked that when he was in the class he felt totally at peace with himself

Hoffman performed at the Pasadena Playhouse for two years with fellow actor Gene Hackman. Hackman headed for New York City and told Hoffman to call him if he were to come to New York City. Hoffman took Hackman up on his offer and soon after followed his friend to New York, where he worked a series of odd jobs, such as coat checking at restaurants, working in the typing department of the city Yellow Pages directory, or stringing Hawaiian leis, while getting the occasional bit television role. To support himself, he left acting briefly to teach. In 1960, Hoffman landed a role in an off-Broadway production and followed with a walk-on role in a Broadway production in 1961.

He also did the occasional television commercial. An oft-replayed segment on programs that explore actors' early work is a clip showing a young Hoffman touting the Volkswagen Fastback.

Hoffman then studied at the famed Actors Studio and became a dedicated method actor.

Hoffman has two children (Karina and Jenna) with his first wife Anne Byrne (married May 1969; divorced in 1980), and four others (Jacob, Max, Rebecca and Alexandra) with wife Lisa Gottsegen, who is an attorney, (married since October 1980). Hoffman also has two grandchildren.

A political liberal, Hoffman has long supported the Democratic Party, as well as Ralph Nader.

He is unrelated to fellow Academy Award winner Philip Seymour Hoffman


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From Livejournal, ohnotheydidnt

Promo for "Kung Fu Panda" ...

... and at Cannes 2008

dustin_cannes_2008.jpg dustin_cannes_2009_2.jpg dustin_cannes_2009_3.jpg dustin_cannes_2009_4.jpg dustin_cannes_2009_5.jpg dustin_cannes_2009_6.jpg dustin_cannes_2009_7.jpg dustin.jpg

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he was great in kung fu panda.. IM NOT DYING YOU IDIOT!! haha

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