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50 Cent


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he is my favorite and not to mention i think he is really good looking - even though i know a lot of people probably won't agree.

give it up for one of GQ's men of the year in 2005.

post pictures, post your thoughts - but keep the negativity to yourself.


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BET UpFront 2006

April 24, 2006 - Manhattan Center Studios

post-2529-1146204272_thumb.jpg post-2529-1146204254_thumb.jpg post-2529-1146204246_thumb.jpg post-2529-1146204234_thumb.jpg

post-2529-1146204222_thumb.jpg post-2529-1146204206_thumb.jpg post-2529-1146204195_thumb.jpg

Things are getting really big for 50. he's filming a movie right now about three soldiers who struggle to readjust to life at home after returning home from from time in the war in Iraq - called Home of the Brave. It's with Samuel L Jackson, Jessica Biel, Chad Michael Murray and Christina Ricci.

After that he's doing a movie with Nicolas Cage called The Dance which is a dramatization of the life of one-time champion prize fighter Billy "The Kid" Roth, who has volunteered as a boxing coach for over 40 years in the prisons of Louisiana. Which is cool for him since he boxed when he was younger.

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home of the brave comes out dec. 15th. which he will be taking on his 1st non-musical movie role.


i watched the trailer and it looks like a really good movie. he's got two more movies in the works. one called 'new orleans' with de niro, and 'the dance' with nicolas cage. he's getting to work with a lot of big time actors.

he'll be on last call with carson daly and regis and kelly on december 14th to promote the film (i would assume)

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