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Raphael Sander


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I met Raphael Sander in Rio this January during the shows, and it was obvious right away that the kid had potential. He ended up booking 3 menswear shows in Rio, and another 3 in São Paulo a week later. This week he also became the hottest gossip item in the country thanks to a few kisses (and maybe more) from actress Luana Piovani, who is much older than him and had just broken up with Dado Dolabella.

Gossip aside, Rapha answered a few questions from Made In Brazil. Check it out with more pictures after the jump.

Age? 19 (yup, he is a baby).

When were you scouted? In January by a booker from 40 Graus Models who invited me to meet with Sérgio Mattos. At the time, I was working at the JW Marriott as a barman and sushiman.

So far, what has been the best thing about modeling? My first show was two months ago for TNG. I have not been modeling for long, but I really enjoyed doing the shows and am anxiously waiting for spring.

What are your favorite Brazilian brands? TNG, Osklen, Sandpiper, Forum, Caio Gobi, and Redley.

What do you do for fun? Usually I go swimming, I work out, and I study. On the weekends I love to hit the beach in Ipanema with friends, have a nice dinner (sushi always preferred), and catch a movie.

What are your favorite TV shows? I don't watch much TV but I like the National Geographic channel, and Discovery.

What about music? I love the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, U2, and Brazilian groups Cidade Negra, Natiruts, and Pitty. I also like some trance music and even forró, but only when I am out dancing.



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