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My first new topic - wish me luck :whistle:

Popstars: The Rivals in 2002 produced two groups: a girlband and a boyband. Girls Aloud's first track "Sound of the Underground" was the first from a female group to debut at number 1 in the UK AND the first to get a Christmas number 1 with their first single. The boyband One True Voice were complete rubbish and sunk without a trace :)

Poor guys, they never stood a chance! :laugh:

Girls Aloud are still going strong and have got better as time goes by in my opinion. Their music is well produced and each track is quite varied. My personal favourite is "Love Hate" from "Sound Of The Underground".

Their manager is Louis Walsh. I really hate the bloke but I suppose he does a good job.


The below bios are borrowed from http://www.girlsaloud.org/

Sarah Harding


Nickname : Saz

Date of Birth : 17th November 1981

Starsign : Scorpio

Birth Place : Manchester, England

Previous Jobs : Pizza girl, 192 operator, Bar maid and Waitress

Previous Bands : Project G

Favourite Film : Goonies

Favourite Actor : Ben Affleck

Favourite Actress : Angelina Jolie

Favourite Place : In bed!

Favourite Destination : Lots of places - mainly hot!

Favourite Book : Harry Potter

Favourite Song : I'll Be There

Favourite Restaurant : Chiquitos

Favourite Food : Italian, Chinese, Mexican and English!

Worst Food : Little hot prawns!

Likes : Singing (obviously!), eating and having fun!

Dislikes : Getting drunk!

Hobbies : Horse riding, socialising, cinema, gym and singing

Most embarrassing moment : Falling over in a club in my best dress

Most impressive person you've ever met : Most people impress me in one way or another!

Bad habit : Nail biting

First record bought : Michael Jackson - Bad album

First concert : Eminem

Describe yourself in 3 words : Energetic, friendly and ambitious

Rule of life : Positive! Mental! Attitude! And enjoy yourself!!!

Nicola Roberts


Nickname : Cola

Date of Birth : 5th October 1985

Starsign : Libra

Birth Place : Stanford, England

Previous Job : Waitress

Singing since : Age 11

Favourite Film : Armagedan

Favourite Actor : Ben Affleck

Favourite Place : On stage

Favourite Destination : Florida

Favourite Book : Madonna

Favourite Restaurant : McDonalds

Favourite Food : Super noodles

Worst Food : Chinese

Likes : Singing, dancing, shopping, going out, performing, having a rest

Dislikes : Stuck up people

Hobbies : Singing and dancing

Bad habit : Bursting out into song at inappropriate times!

Most embarrassing moment : When me and my boyfriend camped out one time!!

Most impressive person you've ever met : Carl (boyfriend)

Favourite song : Usher - Pop Ya Collar

First record bought : Spice Grisl - Wannabe

First concert : Take That

Describe yourself in 3 words : Loud, crazy and kind

Rule of life : Be yourself, be strong and don't worry about things.

Cheryl Ann Tweedy


Nickname : Chez

Date of Birth : 30th June 1983

Starsign : Cancer

Birth Place : Newcastle, England

Siblings : 3 brothers, 1 sister

Previous Jobs : Waitress

Singing Since : Age 12

Favourite Film : Ghost

Favourite Actor : George Clooney

Favourite Actress : Jennifer Lopez

Favourite Place : In front of the fire

Favourite Destination : Caribbean

Favourite Book : The Twits

Favourite Food : Chinese

Worst Food : Peanut butter or olives

Likes : Clothes and make-up

Dislikes : Nasty people

Hobbies : Dancing

Bad habit : Leaving the bath water in

Most embarrassing moment : When a train door shut on my head

Most impressive person you've ever met : Tom Jones

First record bought : Rick Ashley (Never Gonna Give You Up)

First concert : Steps

Describe yourself in 3 words : Funny, caring and emotional

Rule of life : Never have regrets, just learn from your mistakes

Kimberley Jane Walsh


Nickname : Kimmi or Kimba

Date of Birth : 20th November 1981

Starsign : Scorpio

Birth Place : Bradford, England

Siblings : 2 sisters, 1 brother

Previous Jobs : Waitress, Drama teacher, Cleaner

Singing since : She could speak

Favourite Film : Pretty Women

Favourite Actor : Denzel Washington

Favourite Actress : Nicole Kidman

Favourite Place : On a tropical beach

Favourite Song : Montell Jordan - Get It On

Favourite Destination : South of France

Favourite Restaurant : La Rue

Favourite Food : Thai

Worst Food : Pies!

Likes : Shopping, eating out

Dislikes : Going to the gym

Bad habit : Singing too much

Hobbies : Acting and teaching drama with my sister

Most embarrassing moment : Falling off my chair in school canteen

Most impressive person you've ever met : Kylie

First record bought : Kim Appleby

First concert : Eternal

Describe yourself in 3 words : Honest, friendly and caring

Rule of life : Be yourself at all times

Nadine Elizabeth Louise Coyle


Date of Birth : 15th June 1985

Starsign : Gemini

Birth Place : Derry, Ireland

Siblings : 2 sisters

Singing since : Age 2

Favourite Film : Pretty Women

Favourite Actor : George Clooney

Favourite Actress : Halle Berry

Favourite Place : Anywhere hot

Favourite Destination : Anywhere hot

Favourite Book : Of Mice and Men

Favourite festaurant : Local fish and chip shop

Favourite Food : Mashed potatoes

Worst food : Sausages

Likes : Singing, cooking and mucking around

Dislikes : Cleaning

Hobbies : Swimming and horseriding

Bad habit : Biting my nails

Most embarrassing moment : Falling over getting on a plane

Most impressive person you've ever met : Justin Timberlake

First record bought : Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan

First concert : Westlife

Describe yourself in 3 words : Calm, confident, up for a laugh! Thats 6 words! Never mind!!!

Rule of life : Be Good, Have Fun

I like Sarah :wub: and Nicola the best! I thought it would be unfair to force my preference on everyone, hence the whole band gets a thread :laugh:

sarahb9vw.th.jpg nicolab5jd.th.jpg cherylb7eb.th.jpg kimberlyb1xj.th.jpg nadineb3fu.th.jpg

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Some pictures from my collection. ;)

Cheryl is one of the prettiest :wub: and hottest girl :evil: on the Earth.

Cheryl no. 1 Girls Aloud girl.

Please do not post images side by side that will equal greater than 600 pixels in width. Thank You - Capt Snow

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