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Alana Arbucci

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Alana Arbucci


February 22, 1997
United States


Viral sensation best known for her personal YouTube channel that she started. Her makeup, fashion and comedy videos have earned her a loyal fan following of over 480,000 subscribers.

79602227_198228411326802_1710159922544928933_n.jpg 80074215_220228252315736_8940848913219473433_n.jpg Do-You-Know-Alana-Arbucci.22.jpg 109337329_156547509333132_5581277923210956484_n.jpg 109354358_2478737499083714_5346208421711526842_n.jpg 106481013_483957832419326_99297521283425520_n.jpg 71hiTOHEu5L._AC_UL1350_.jpg 49907078_2980970138595930_7594049894552371731_n.jpg 84a2b8d4af629a28c8f550133fb37292.jpg 50973906_260835361514533_6936310757641164527_n.jpg 0xttjfu3cwr31.jpg 4a4867bc79198a5ed37d8400e5c9a0b6.jpg Alana-15.jpg 1549073784798.jpg 82394206_122021912660494_5233786198763979984_n.jpg 74797536_201513144187343_6592055680330579199_n.jpg 70654940_2341612952745261_1288896668806277081_n.jpg 54513524_431559400924830_816163988458895059_n.jpg 49413232_343704766354862_4735440487961777528_n.jpg 44351081_433272520538914_7560307613195185679_n.jpg 28428135_205953836651081_1306851697976410112_n.jpg 28432874_898967273613764_4194133262165082112_n.jpg 28436544_389084174852703_8747576551941341184_n.jpg 25022107_1665941250116910_8095311306195730432_n.jpg

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