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Cora Schumacher


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Cora Caroline Schumacher geb. Brinkmann (* 26 December 1976 in long field) is the wife of the running driver Ralf Schumacher. It is active since their marriage also as Rennfahrerin and a host. Life [work on] the daughter of a gas station tenant made training as the communication specialized woman and worked beside as Erotikmodell. When she married the running driver Ralf Schumacher in the year 2000, it came to one „scandal “, as if some photos of the photographer Jens Brüggemann, for whose book of pictures passion them had posiert, in which boulevard press were published. By the pictures and the medium-effective complaint of its married man it became known to a broad public. Later it stood for advertising photos and for different magazines model. In addition it was brief CO host of the transmission Top OF the Pops. Ralf and Cora Schumacher have a son named David (* 23 October 2001). 2004 began Cora Schumacher to drive even a running. First it participated in the season 2004 and 2005 in the mark cup min I ALL TIGHTNESs - with moderate success. 2006 changed it to the Seat León Supercopa and start there together with Christina Surer in the context German route cars of the Masters. The decision of the manufacturer, instead of promoting a talentierten new generation female pilot a prominent one, was criticized in the technical literature, for example by sport car.

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