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Sara Paxton

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Sara Paxton

Background information

Birth name Sara Paxton

Born April 25, 1988 (age 18)

Origin United States Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California

Genre(s) Pop

Years active 2006–Present

Label(s) Epic

Website http://www.sarapaxton.com

Sara Paxton[1] (born April 25, 1988) is an Emmy Award-nominated American actress and singer. She grew up in California and began acting at an early age, appearing in many minor roles in both films and television shows, before coming to wider renown in 2004, after playing the title role in the series Darcy's Wild Life. Paxton has also starred in the films Sleepover, Aquamarine and Return to Halloweentown, and is branching out into music, with a CD, The Ups and Downs, due for release in 2007.

Paxton was born in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California to what she has described as "a very mixed family".[2] Her father, Steve Paxton, who is distantly related to actor Bill Paxton, is a businessman of Irish and European descent.[2] Her mother is a dentist from Monterrey, Mexico, and as a result Paxton speaks some Spanish, although not fluently.[3] Paxton is of Jewish heritage and celebrates both Christmas and Hanukkah.[4] An only child, she grew up in the San Fernando Valley and attended a private high school, graduating in June of 2006.[5]

In 2006, Paxton applied to the University of Southern California's film studies program, but was rejected.[5] She has noted that she would like to major in business administration with a minor in history and to start a production company.[6]

[edit] Career

Paxton in Aquamarine, 2006

Paxton in Aquamarine, 2006

Paxton began appearing in television commercials at a young age. Her first film role was a small part in the 1997 Jim Carrey comedy, Liar Liar. During the late 1990s and early 2000s, she appeared in a number of minor television and film roles, including a part on the soap opera Passions, a regular role on the series Greetings from Tucson, and a guest starring role on the Disney Channel show, Lizzie McGuire, playing an ex-president of Lizzie's school. In 2003, Paxton starred in R.L. Stine's Haunted Lighthouse, a short 3-D film attraction that still plays at several theme parks across the United States.


Paxton's first major role was in the teen-oriented film, Sleepover, which opened in July 2004 to negative reviews and low box office revenue;[7][8] during the same summer season, she appeared in several episodes of the series, Summerland, playing Sarah Borden, a mentally troubled teen who experimented with drugs and sex with Jesse McCartney's character. Paxton was subsequently cast in the lead role of the Discovery Kids television series, Darcy's Wild Life, playing Darcy Fields, a girl who works at a rural veterinary; the series, which aired from 2004 to 2006, often featured Paxton's music track, Take A Walk. Paxton received an Emmy nomination for the role in 2006.

In 2005, Paxton began working on the Australia-filmed Aquamarine, in which she played a mermaid, opposite Emma Roberts and JoJo, whom she befriended while filming;[2] the film opened on March 3, 2006 and grossed approximately $7.5 million in its opening weekend.[9] Reviewers of the film compared Paxton, whose inspiration is Goldie Hawn, to actress Reese Witherspoon, saying that she has an "infectious, nutty energy".[2] Paxton also recorded a song for the film's soundtrack titled Connected, remake of RBD's Tenerte Y Quererte--which was recorded in Spanish in 2004. RBD has also recorded "Besame Sin Miedo", a Spanish version of Sara Paxton's song "Kiss Me Like you Mean It".

Paxton hosted The Secret Life of Water, the first episode of the series Planet H2O, which premiered in April of 2006 on public television stations. In May of the same year, she made an appearance on the television series Pepper Dennis, playing a teen actress. Paxton, who sees herself as an "evolving actress",[5] most recently appeared in Return to Halloweentown, replacing Kimberly J. Brown in the fourth installment in Disney Channel's Halloweentown series; she dyed her hair brown for the role. The film aired on October 20, 2006. During the summer and early fall of 2006, Paxton filmed The Party Never Stops: Diary of a Binge Drinker, a Lifetime Television film about college-age binge drinking. Paxton has described it as "very different" from her previous roles, and has specified that she was looking for a role that would be a "challenge".[6] The film is scheduled to air in March of 2007.[10] Paxton's next film role will be in Sydney White, a college-set comedy starring Amanda Bynes and Matt Long; filming is scheduled to begin on February 12, 2007 in Orlando, Florida.[11]

Paxton's debut music CD, The Ups and Downs, featuring the single Here We Go Again, is due for release by Epic Records at some point in 2007.[citation needed]

[edit] Selected filmography

Year Title Role Notes

2008 Sydney White and the Seven Dorks pre-production

2007 The Party Never Stops: Diary of a Binge Drinker Jessie Tanner made-for-television; scheduled for March

2006 Return to Halloweentown Marnie Piper/Young Splendora Agatha Cromwell made-for-television

Aquamarine Aquamarine

2004 Sleepover Stacie

2003 Haunted Lighthouse Ashley 4d short film

1998 Soldier Angie

1997 Liar Liar Child at Party and School

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Actress - filmography

1. Sydney White (2008) (pre-production)

2. The Party Never Stops: Diary of a Binge Drinker (2007) (TV) (post-production) .... Jessie Tanner

3. Return to Halloweentown (2006) (TV) .... Marnie Piper

... aka Halloweentown IV (USA: informal title)

4. "Skater Boys" .... Kayla Gordon (1 episode, 2006)

- Sundown (2006) TV Episode .... Kayla Gordon

5. "Pepper Dennis" .... April May / ... (1 episode, 2006)

- Celebrity Twin Could Hang: Film at Eleven (2006) TV Episode .... April May/Chrissy Tyler

6. "Darcy's Wild Life" .... Darcy Fields (6 episodes, 2004-2006)

- You Can Go Home Again (2006) TV Episode .... Darcy Fields

- Thanksgiving (2005) TV Episode .... Darcy Fields

- Slightly Used (2005) TV Episode .... Darcy Fields

- Crazy Like a Fox (2005) TV Episode .... Darcy Fields

- Fan3's Company (2004) TV Episode .... Darcy Fields

(1 more)

7. Aquamarine (2006) .... Aquamarine

8. "Quintuplets" .... Chelsea (1 episode, 2004)

- Date Night (2004) TV Episode .... Chelsea

9. "Summerland" .... Sarah Borden (5 episodes, 2004)

- Life in the Fishbowl (2004) TV Episode .... Sarah Borden

- Skipping School (2004) TV Episode .... Sarah Borden

- Secrets (2004) TV Episode .... Sarah Borden

- To Thine Self Be True (2004) TV Episode .... Sarah Borden

- Into My Life (2004) TV Episode .... Sarah Borden

10. Sleepover (2004) .... Stacie

11. "Will & Grace" .... Melanie (1 episode, 2004)

- I Never Cheered for My Father (2004) TV Episode .... Melanie

12. "SpongeBob SquarePants" .... Kid Fish / ... (7 episodes, 1999-2004)

... aka SpongeBob (USA: short title)

- Krabby Land/The Camping Episode (2004) TV Episode .... Monroe

- Born Again Krabs/I Had an Accident (2003) TV Episode (voice) .... Kid Fish

- The Sponge Who Could Fly (The Lost Episode) (2003) TV Episode .... Kid Fish #1

- Prehibernation Week/Life of Crime (2001) TV Episode (voice) .... Girl

- Shanghaied/Gary Takes a Bath (2001) TV Episode (voice) .... Kid Fish

(2 more)

13. "Malcolm in the Middle" .... Angela Pozefsky (1 episode, 2004)

- Malcolm Dates a Family (2004) TV Episode .... Angela Pozefsky

14. Mr. Ed (2004) (TV)

15. "CSI: Miami" .... Lana Walker (1 episode, 2003)

- Death Grip (2003) TV Episode .... Lana Walker

16. Haunted Lighthouse (2003) .... Ashley

... aka R.L. Stine's Haunted Lighthouse (USA: complete title)

17. "Greetings from Tucson" (2002) TV Series .... Sarah Tobin (unknown episodes)

18. "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" .... Jody Bradley (1 episode, 2002)

... aka C.S.I. (USA: short title)

... aka CSI: Las Vegas (USA: syndication title)

... aka CSI: Weekends (USA: promotional title)

... aka Experts, Les (Canada: French title)

- Burden of Proof (2002) TV Episode .... Jody Bradley

19. Generation Gap (2002) (TV)

20. Hounded (2001) (TV) .... Tracy Richburg

21. "Lizzie McGuire" .... Holly (1 episode, 2001)

- Election (2001) TV Episode .... Holly

22. The Ruby Princess Runs Away (2001)

23. "Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction" .... Girl (1 episode, 2000)

... aka Beyond Belief (USA: short title)

- The Wailing (2000) TV Episode .... Girl

24. Geppetto (2000) (TV) .... Featured

25. Perfect Game (2000) (V) .... Sydney

26. Koudelka (1999) (VG) (voice) .... Charlotte

27. "Action" .... Georgia Dragon (2 episodes, 1999)

- Pilot (1999) TV Episode .... Georgia Dragon

- Dragon's Blood (????) TV Episode .... Georgia Dragon

28. "Passions" .... Sheridan (1 episode, 1999)

... aka Harmony's Passions (USA)

... aka The Passions Storm (USA: summer title)

- Episode #1.14 (1999) TV Episode .... Sheridan

29. "Working" .... Amanda Baines (1 episode, 1999)

- The Prodigy (1999) TV Episode .... Amanda Baines

30. Durango Kids (1999) .... Hillary

31. Music from Another Room (1998) .... Young Karen

32. Tunnel Vision (1998) .... Shauna

33. Soldier (1998/I) .... Angie

34. Liar Liar (1997) .... Child at Party and School

35. "NewsRadio" .... Sara (1 episode, 1997)

... aka The Station

- Office Feud (1997) TV Episode .... Sara

36. You're Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley's Christmas Party (1997) (V) .... Patty

37. "Small Talk" .... Panelist #1 (2 episodes, 1996)

- Episode #1.31 (1996) TV Episode .... Panelist #1

- Episode #1.16 (1996) TV Episode .... Panelist #1

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