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Fowler: Give Torres more of the ball

Kop legend Robbie Fowler said Liverpool need to find Fernando Torres more often to get the best out of the striker.

Torres has looked a shadow of the player who set Anfield on fire in his first season. Another Liverpool great Jamie Redknapp had slammed his performance against Birmingham as "diabolical."

The Spaniard looked as poor in the first half against Manchester United on Sunday but suddenly sprang to life after the interval to win a penalty and free-kick for his side - both of which were converted by Steven Gerrard.

Fowler thinks El Nino is still working his way back from injury and fans should be patient with him.

In comments reported by Liverpool's official site, the Australian said: "It takes time to get back up to the top level after a long period of injury, and he's had more than his fair share in recent times.

"Even just a fraction of a percentage makes a massive difference at his level, and in a couple of weeks he'll probably look a different man again.

"When he's at the top of his game then his touch and pace are a deadly combination, but it's probably not quite there yet as he's still coming back from a series of injuries that can affect that first explosive moment on the ball.

"You can never question his contribution to the team, because he is prepared to put in a shift up front on his own against some of the best - and toughest - defenders in the world, and believe me that's not easy.

"I watched with interest as Liverpool failed to find him in the first half at United, and the results were obvious. In the second though, their tactics changed, and suddenly he created two goals. That showed he is not as far away as people are making out.

"Give him the ball and he will get results, which was evident after the break at Old Trafford."

Although Torres will be rested for the Carling Cup match against Northampton, he will have another chance to shine when Liverpool host Sunderland on Saturday.

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