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Pamela Lenine Venânci: “The love and joy of generating a life surpass any fear”

08 May 2017| Happens Magazine | Email | Hits: 1333


Pamela Lenine Venânci
Pamela Lenine Venânci


The cover of Acontece Magazine that pays tribute to Brazilian mothers, the model Pamela Lenine Venâncio, 31, was born in Goiânia and at the age of 17 moved to São Paulo in search of the dream of working as a model. From Brazil he left for Europe, where he worked for brands such as Prada, Givenchy and Dolce & Gabbana, among others. Back in Brazil, the model continued to work in São Paulo, a place she loves to live. Pamela never lived in the United States, but whenever she can visit Miami, especially now that she is pregnant to lay out her first daughter. Passing through the city, the model was invited to star in the fashion editorial of Acontece Magazine in beautiful photos that highlight all the femininity and beauty of the pregnant woman.


Pamela, how was the beginning of your career and what do you most admire in this profession?
I went to live in São Paulo to work as a model, which was a childhood dream and also an opportunity to travel the world. During those years, I lived in Paris, Milan and Lisbon, cities where I had the opportunity to show for major brands. A work that marked me a lot, was one of the parades I did for Christian Dior in Cairo, Egypt. Knowing the country was an old dream, since high school. The Dior team took us on a city tour, we went to the pyramids, something surreal and really exciting! It is not an easy profession, there is a lot of competition and it can sometimes take a while to get your work recognized. But I think that with professionalism, persistence and love for what you do, things will work out eventually - and I think that goes for any profession.


Did you live abroad and ended up returning to São Paulo? What made you come back to Brazil?
I always had São Paulo as my home and safe haven, not least because when I first arrived in the city, I met Fabricio, with whom I have been for 13 years. After a few years between Europe and Brazil, I finally settled in São Paulo. During this period I graduated in fashion design, although I never worked as a designer, since I work well as a model and I preferred to stay focused on my career, which, as in the case of every model, is short. Currently I make many catalogs for national brands and e-commerce, in addition to advertising works for companies such as O Boticário, Itaú, Eudora and Tufi Duek, among others.


What did you feel when you found out you were expecting your first child?
Although I already wanted to be a mother, making sure that this became reality was a scare! It's a big life change. Everything changes from the first minute you know you are pregnant, you have to be careful about what you are going to eat, change your training, you cannot drink, you cannot do a series of things. I remember that at the beginning I spent hours at Google, researching what I could or could not, watching thousands of videos on YouTube about strollers, pregnancy, layette, baby shower ... (laughs).


As a model, were you afraid of the changes that motherhood could cause in your body?
My biggest fear was the changes in life: having someone who depended on me for everything, who took my time, my freedom, that really scared me a lot. Because I always take care of myself, I try to eat healthy, I train three times a week ... so, I think I can recover my body without any major problems. What scared me was the idle time, after all, during this period I am out of work, I no longer have a model body. I can do jobs as a pregnant woman, but there are few, nothing that compare to the busy schedule I had before pregnancy. But, I'm taking advantage of this time to read, take care of myself and take care of her things, which are many and end up taking me a lot of time. It has been a period of discovery, learning and has been very special. It is amazing how a child, even before being born, can transform everything around him.


Would you like your daughter to pursue a modeling career?
I really want her to be happy and fulfilled in the profession she chooses. I was always free to make my choices and I would like to give that freedom to Olivia. There would be no problem if she chose to be a model. I think it's a beautiful profession, one that gives you the chance to know and learn a lot about everything, a profession that opens your mind and strips away prejudices. After all, during your career you have the possibility to live and work with all kinds of people, from all over the world, with customs and education completely different from yours. It is an apprenticeship that no school or college gives you. Respect, tolerance, patience, learning to share, respecting the other's space, not wanting everyone to think like you, after all the universe in which that person was formed is different from yours .... I have a lot to thank my profession for .


Do you have any insecurity about this new stage of life?
I think any mother has it, and I also think that this insecurity is the fate of anyone who decides to bring someone into this world. I am afraid of sleepless nights and breastfeeding in the first months, of how I will educate you in a world that is so difficult and that changes so much all the time .... Insecurities are thousands, but I am very calm and practical. I don't like to run over things, I don't want to worry ahead of time. So, for now, I prefer to focus on setting up her room, taking care of the layette, visiting maternity wards, things that already take me a long time. I am sure that at the right time I will have people to advise me and will do my best in every situation. There is no perfect motherhood, there is no perfect formula, so I will try to keep myself as calm as possible, knowing that there are no hits without mistakes.


What is your advice for "first time moms" like you?
Although they are absolutely inexperienced in the area, they do not cover as much. There is no perfect motherhood, there is no magic formula for how to do things. Babies and children are very different from each other, what works for mine will not work for yours. It is only by making mistakes that we can get it right ... Mistake is part of life and will be part of our children's lives too. There is no greater love than that of a mother, and I am sure that each one does her best. It turns out that your best will not always be the best your friend, cousin or acquaintance will give. Don't cover yourself, don't compare yourself: you are the best mother your child could have!


Model: Pamela Lenine Venânci
Photo: Alex Korolkovas
Production: Ana Martins
Art direction: Antonio Martins
Hair and makeup: Deborah Sabella for StudioD



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