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Thunderous Drummers

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We have a thread for guitarists, bassists and singers...

But we were lacking one for the rhythmic base! Those who keep the rhythm and the tempo, the backbone of any Rock, Pop, Funk, Soul, Blues, Jazz, etc band you can think of.


We were missing on the drummers!
Not anymore!


It's time to give recognition to those who create magic with the rhythm behind the drum set (and sometimes other percussions)!

So I invite to post your favorite drummers here! :stormy: 


I'll start with one from my own country and without a doubt one of the best drummers EVER:


Mr. Gabriel Parra from Los Jaivas




Same song, here live:


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Today it would be Gabriel Parra's birthday. 

And because of that, in his memory, today it's the national Drummer and Percussionist Day here.


One of the best drummers EVER.


Gabriel Parra from Los Jaivas



just the drums:


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