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Johanne Kervella

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Miss Franche-Comté 2008, should have become Miss France, but the committee opposed it, arguing that it was too small. (1.70m!)
This beautiful native of the sign of Pisces is a natural seducer and she has crazy success with guys because she is very attractive.
She's gorgeous!

376_8321_johanne_k_28929.jpg 21147346_268594383634216_4942118296552996864_n.jpg 789_1000.jpg btplbyno8e.jpg 15624777_259624814456571_5362966628466163712_n.jpg 432_1000.jpg 26387338_533196387064984_7213788368411295744_n.jpg 60324338_2257743807807566_5145712573089298075_n.jpg 60677695_3277933188899155_1028544959322335543_n.jpg hyjpvd21uw.jpg 006.jpg g_20_fxevzqjqtx.jpg v5hy6mfpw4.jpg 834472904_01_28_123_126lo.jpg g_20_9fr3o3t8fo.jpg FB_IMG_1585111898835.jpg FB_IMG_1520498033294.jpg FB_IMG_1585111885359.jpg jeunes-d-isolement-heureux-de-femme-de-verticale-de-beauté-8184807.jpgimage3.jpg

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