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sexiest, sensual girl....

Guest lisa1

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Errm... I think this has been done somewhere else before. I'm just nos sure... Maybe you could name your candidates or something, because it's supposed to be a poll sub-forum.

I guess you're asking about current stars? No Marilyns, no Pamelas, no Sharons..?

I'd nominate Eva Mendes and Uma Thurman.

no girls like you want!!! if you want Marie-Antoinette you can lol! but you must explain Why she is sexy for you....because sexy or sensual it's more than just beauty no?

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for me the sexiest it's Brigitte Bardot! her pace, her way to going, her voice, her face like a child :wub: ....she released from erotism....her sensual mouth, her hair....










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you can post..you must just say why her and not an other...

i propose other who are for me sexy( not!!!

-Adriana Lima

-Ana Beatriz Barros

-Laetitia casta

-Claudia Schiffer

-Liv Tyler

-Sophie Marceau

-Marylin Monroe

-Claudia Cardinal

-Monica Bellucci

-Vanessa Paradis

-Kate Moss.....................

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Definitely Adriana... Redefining 'What is sexy?' :blush:

hhahaa :laugh:

yes....because other girls are cute..but why Adriana and not Ana beatriz etc........ :wave:

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