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Agent Provocateur Model ID

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8 minutes ago, catullus said:



I think her name is Cooper, Coops must be her instagram nickname. Just for future reference.




She goes by ‘Coops’ on her IG, as well as, all of the signed agency websites I have seen (Present, MP, etc). I’ve never seen her listed as ‘Cooper’ so that is why I didn’t ID her as such. 😕

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46 minutes ago, catullus said:

I just checked a few agency sites and you're right (naturally! 🙂 ), she does go by Jo Coops. Yet if you google Joanna Cooper you also find her.


Go figure.


I am quite often confused with models who have one name at their mother agency, a second or third at their national/international agencies, and a fourth name (or nickname) on their Instagram. Sometimes it takes me a while to realize it is the same girl! Makes them more “mysterious and cool” I guess. 😉 I know sometimes it’s just a language translation, but... 😂  

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