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Ah young prince you have such a (*broad btw, not borad) narrow minded Interpretation of everything that I say, you lash out at stuff when Im not expecting it, carefully re-read that post mate. I was stating that its location represents the very limit of what I perceive to be an acceptable distance from the West Coast and whose inhabitants can still call themselves West Coasters. The Mile High City itself is a wonderful place, and I will be rooting for Denver in the AFC Playoffs just cause I hate the Patriots and Steelers. But i dunno man, Mr. Mannings on fire.

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Cs2, I am curios, do you have a college in Denver, or in Colorado for that matter, that has one more than 1 NCAA BBall Playoffs? Look at the polls and see how many North Carolinian teams are in the top 25. 4 last I checked, although its probably 3 now that NC State's lost.

You have us on football, no doubt. And the scenery and the history of the town is much better than any in North Carolina, but down here College Basketball is our passion.

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