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Candice Swanepoel


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So if you didn't watch the video chat Candice said that the reason she didn't wear the wings because they were too heavy, they were digging into her shoulders, and that it was hard to move around backstage so on the day of the show she asked for different ones. So now the speculations can be put to rest.

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OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I HOPE THEY ANNOUNCE IT TONIGHT!!! Is anybody else watching the show??

Is this for real? The actual "Angel" status and none of this Supermodel nonsense? No Chanel? I AM SO EXCITED. Out of the original 5-6 that were "Supermodels" Candice and Erin are definetly two I wanted to go all the way. I also wanted to see Rosie crowned as Angel but it makes sense that she wasn't, her being busy with her movie and all.

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I still think Candice is awesome and all. But that interview thingy she did to intro the Country section this year was awful. Felt so robotic and scripted. :(

I know! I've seen alot of Candice interviews and this one seemed so forced. I was like nooooooo the entire time. If you saw the videos of her recording those things she obviously doesn't speak like that!

But overall she looked stunning definently the best in tough love, country girls, and she loved amazing in heavenly bodies but I think Chanel looked better. Those wings! They were her first ones too! I kinda wish Candice could of gotten them. If she did, she would of easily been the best in the show!

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What the other VS models said about Candice
Erin: “Candice has an amazing body.”

Lily: “I think she’s drop-dead gorgeous.”

Behati: “Candice’s best feature? Her ass. She’s got a great ass.”

Behati :laugh:

OMG! I was so excited to hear all those wonderful things about her, she was the one with the definite best compliments!

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interview on Good Day LA

and Fox on youtube if you want...


I love how she rolled her eyes in the first one when she kept being interrupted. LOL. Girlfriend needs to step up her game and practice this public speaking thing.

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